ScrewAttack The Game: Playable NOW! - Pre-Alpha In-Browser Stress Test

Posted on October 23, 2012 - 11:30am by Mcgunn

Hello again G1's


I know that these are becoming frequent and I don't want to give away too much about the game, but ScrewAttack: The Game has been rebuilt from the ground up since the old videos. This is the accumulation of about 5 days of work (Obviously having the old version of the game as a reference helped in making this happen so fast)



The purpose of this is to test how the actual game will run in-browser as HTML5 is a fairly new thing for games and some of the kinks are still being worked out. Each browser has it's ups and downs. The actual game is more intensive than FlossMan which is why I need to do this second test. After this, sadly, playables will be much less frequent because this game has to be a big surprise when I bring it to SGC. 


So without further adou, here is a VERY early build of ScrewAttack: The Game.

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Z: Attack

X: Jump

Arrow Keys: Movement

Enter: Acts as Select button. Brings up menu for allocating stat points when you level up. Passes menu screens. Exit's Floss Man.


Things to note:

  • Some sprites are not completed yet, so some animations are replaced with Billy from Double Dragon: Mode B
  • Eventually all artwork will be original, but the programming side of things has been incredibly productive, so placeholders from various games were used in some instances.
  • The music is all placeholder which will be replaced before release.
  • It's not easy... But survival grants you the reward of replaying the level as many times as you want, retaining your leveled up abilities, allowing you to make Craig uber powerful if you keep playing over and over. There is no limit to what Craig's stats can be right now, so if you're the kind of person who enjoys breaking games just keep levelling and watch the madness unfold.
  • The Floss Man arcade cabinet is what you use to start the level over again. Press enter while playing to exit Floss Man
  • There are some minor upgrades to Floss Man from last time.
  • Only Firefox shows the graphics without interpolating the pixels (as in only FireFox shows the game how it would look on a NES) But Chrome and IE are the only browsers without sound issues. All of these problems will be fixed on both sides shortly...EXCITING


For Updates:

Check out:



I will be posting more often on my wall than in blogs from now on and I might need people to playtest or give opinions on some things!



McGunn, Chikumo, NetNerdy, Mr. Lange, Fred Fuchs(jk)


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