ScrewAttack Mafia Round XXIV: Q-Men Origins Preparations

Posted on October 14, 2012 - 7:00pm by Flashpenny


A Mafia game's a-brewin'.


Thanks to ThunderPlant for the awesome banner. You kick ass, dude!

Welcome everyone to another wonderful game of ScrewAttack Mafia. Simply because old habits die hard, I'm posting this in blog form, if for no other reason than to attract some new users to the game and maybe the forums (hey, that's how I became more attached to the forums).

Anyway, for those of you not in the know, Mafia is a game that pits the uninformed majority against the informed minority. Occasionally there's an extra, smaller third party thrown into the mix in the form of the clique or psycho. In this round, the town will have to match wits against the Mafia, the clique and the psycho, all of whom are gunning for each other as well.

In case you can't tell, this game will be a superhero-themed round based loosely on X-Men. You are all encouraged to come up with your own superpowers and superhero names in the actual thread after signing up. Before moving onto the actual rules and regulations, let's get the story out of the way.

Story: The peaceful Dr. Quentin is a mutant who has been encouraging peaceful co-existance between humans and mutants for decades. Shortly after the arrest of his lifelong colleague, who has long since developed a genocidal hatred against humans, Quentin is killed in a large explosion. For, unbeknownst to him, his colleague established a group of henchmen ready to fight to the death for their cause and achieve their boss' dream of wiping out all humans.

Quentin's young protege realizes that this brotherhood is hiding within the community that Dr. Quentin built. The military demands that he finds them all before they bomb the community so as to ensure their destruction giving the protege only a certain amount of time to find the henchmen and defeat them. So as he begins his pursuit, a cunning neo-terrorist and a pair of twins hide in the shadows, pulling the strings and waiting to strike.

Now, with that done, let's move onto how the game works.

Day Cycle: Lynches are cast where the town votes to decide who they want to kill. NO LYNCHES ARE NOT AN OPTION! In addition to that, in light of a recent round situation which would have been funny had so many people not died and the perpetrators not be dicks about the whole affair, I'm also eliminating the split lynch. Granted, they are incredibly uncommon and unlikely, but if one does occur, the cop will place a vote who will break the tie (it's requested that the cop places a vote ahead of time in case he's not at the computer when the deadline hits and there's a split in the lynch). For lynching, you post who you want to lynch in the thread in bold lettering so I can see it. e.g. Lynch Whoever.

Night Cycle: Whacks and investigations are due. The investigations are held this cycle to avoid making the thread dead. Basically discuss who you want to see investigated and, if the investigator likes your choices, he'll send it to me and that player will be investigated. Whacks, as implied, are what the Mafia and psycho (and the one-time kill from the clique) vote on who they want to kill. All other third-party roles are also required to deliver their votes during this time. In order to vote for anything but a lynch, send me a PM (on the forums) with your action in the subject heading.

Requirements: Fill out the below survey with at least 25 items. If you're Mafia it makes you harder to pinpoint since there will be clues hidden within the story post.

Favorite Games:

Favorite Movies

Favorite Books:

Favorite Music:

Favorite TV Shows:

Speaking of the clues, just to get them off my chest right now. The clues will be significantly harder to pinpoint this time around as there will be any number of clues from 1 to 3 per post and they'll be hidden within events and dialogue pertaining to the Mobsters.


Roles: Pretty much what the word implies. Also, another thing that always bothered me about the game was that some roles were hidden but, here, all roles are revealed.


Cop : As mentioned previously, he essentially chooses who to investigate and, in the story, acts as the main character. He is the only unkillable and revealed role from the get-go. To compensate this, he can't vote in lynches (the exception, as mentioned beforehand, is in case a split lynch occurs).

Bodyguard: The bodyguard is town-sided and can protect someone once every night cycle. That's the up and down of it.

Paranoid: Will automatically die if they get investigated. Sided with the town.


Bomb: Just for running gag's sake. If the bomb dies, he can take someone to the grave with him.


Amnesiac: The amnesiac has a role but can't remember what his role was. If he survives through the first cycle (one day and one night), he can now choose a role from a dead player and adopt it as his own. The trade-off is that said role is removed from the graveyard so everyone now knows that he's back on the prowl.


Psycho : The psycho of this game who kills someone every night cycle. His job is to keep the two sides as even as possible so he can keep himself in the best position possible to win. Can also roleblock (see below.)


Lyncher: He has his own win conditions and must get another player lynched and then survive to any of the other win conditions. If said player gets whacked, then the lyncher automatically loses.


Lynchee: The person the lyncher must get lynched. The trade-off is that the lynchee doesn't know who he is so he can't get the dirt on the lyncher.

Deadshot: The killer on the clique's side. He can kill once.

Clique's Special Power: This isn't a role but bears mentioning here. Once the clique reaches the 3rd night cycle (basically survive 3 days and 2 nights), they can recruit someone to join their team by voting on them.

Roleblockers: There's technically four of these but three in the truest sense of the word. One's allied with the town, one's allied with the Mafia, one's the other member of the clique and the psycho can roleblock. Basically, as their name implies, the roleblocker can prevent anyone from using their role that night cycle. Can only be used once.

Turncoat: When the clique recruits someone, they have to be careful. If they recruit a civilian, that civilian works for them (same goes for the psycho, he just becomes a regular, powerless clique member). However, if the clique recruits a mobster, he is now known as the turncoat. From here on in, the turncoat will be a part of both teams although neither team will known that he's with the other unless he chooses to reveal that fact to them. He must now choose his loyalties and place himself in the best situation to win. Basically, he can win with either the Mafia or the clique. If, however, the Mafia or clique catch wind of him and decide he's too dangerous to keep around, they can whack him (although they'll lose the whack for the night, this especially holds true for the clique since they only get one shot for a kill).


Win Conditions:

Town: Must eliminate all Mafia, clique and psycho.

Mafia: Must eliminate all town, clique and the psycho. (Please note that submission wins are automatically ensued if the Mafia is cornered of if the Mafia outnumbers all the other players when it comes time for lynching.)

Psycho: Must survive to either of the Mafia or Town's win conditions but also must keep the number of the winning side at a very dwindling number to ensure victory (5 or below for town; 2 or below for Mafia). Must also eliminate clique.

Clique: Same as the psycho: must survive to either win condition with at most 5 civilians/2 mobsters. Must also eliminate or recruit psycho.

Lyncher: Must get the lynchee lynched and then survive to the end of the game. If he gets the lynchee lynched and dies, it doesn't count, sorry. It shoul also be noted that, unlike the psycho and clique, the lyncher doesn't steal the win, he just wins with whatever faction gains the victory (in other words, if he survives to the Mafia end game, the remaining mobsters and the lyncher share the spoils of victory).


Cheating: *No discussing the game outside the actual thread or the PMs reserved for the game for the Mafia/third-party.

*If you're dead, you can't dispel advice to any living players (although you can still discuss the game as long as no helpful advice is given).

*No suicides.

*No annoying the mod to extreme excess.


I have beyond zero tolerance for anything like this so if I catch wind of any of this, your role and alignment will be revealed, you will be banned from the next round and you will not be able to moderate for the rest of the season.


How do I sign up? Just click here and say you want to join while posting the survey. The game will start one week from today although I may start it earlier if enough people join and want to get it started.

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