ScrewAttack Magazine Issue # 17 - SGC WOOOOO! Edition

Posted on July 26, 2012 - 7:00pm by HybridRain


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ScrewAttack Magazine # 17 - SGC WOOO!!! Edition

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Hey g1’s, a new beginning is coming and apparently SGC!? Wow… I hope we get those 100,000 soon because that would kick ass. I think the best thing ScrewAttack can do now is IF we reach the 100k to ask us what we want to see on the convention.

At my end I would love to see more video game related people on Q&As like David Hayter or even Tara Strong… yeah more from the Brony side but WHO CARES! It would be amazing, maybe I should do soon a “Top Ten things I want to see at SGC3!!!” or something fancier.

Ok! Now… I want to inform you all that in the future (I hope) there will be no problems with the deadline of the magazine and receiving articles anymore. I want to form a Magazine group, where we can do the right research for the magazine.

I want to have on this group:

  • More Editors
  • Video Game Reviewers
  • Article Seekers

I tried the nice way to wait for people to be interested on the magazine and submit articles automatically… it fail. Why do you think the mag is getting release too late into the month? Exactly. Sorry g1’s but that’s how I’m going to work for now on, you can still submit your articles and if you still follow the rules, your article will appear in the magazine.

So if you are interested, PM me and if not… I’ll find some volunteers.

I won’t let this project die in less than 2 years. Although 2012 will be the definitely be the breaking point for the magazine.

See you next time!


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