ScrewAttack Secret Santa - The Return

Posted on November 12, 2012 - 2:30pm by Terra_corrupt


E-mail us at with your g1 name, real name, current address and proof of your activity as a g1.

Hey guys, Terra here



Yup. We're back.


For those who are a bit newer than others, 2 years ago this month I wrapped up a good year on ScrewAttack by organizing a site-wide International Secret Santa. For the most part is was a great success and I still believe that it's the only reason I won g1 of the year 2010 :D


I didn't do one last year due to me being dissillusioned with the site, and while I still am in a way, I really only care about you, the g1's. And ye said ye wanted it back, so screw it all, let's do this.


Why am I making this blog now? Why not closer to Christmas? Some countries postal services suck, especially when you're dealing with International addresses. By doing this now we'll have plenty of time to organize and get stuff sent.




So, want to take part? Well read ahead




First off some of the rules



-$30 Limit.
-No Games unless you know the person you're sending to is in the same region as you.
-Make sure to have a letter with you g1 name on your gift.
Now, what you need to do.
-g1 Name
-Real Name
-Address & Postcode
-Any other relevant information like gift preference, what you're interested in etc...
-You must also provide PROOF that you are an active/dedicated g1 and that you're not just some random guy who posts "FIRST!!1! every few Hard News'. This might seem a bit harsh but it's to make sure that people do actually send gifts.
If you can, when you recieve your gift I want you to record your unboxing in video form and upload it here on ScrewAttack. 
When we have enough people signed up I'll send each person 1 Address to send to, hopefully in the next 2 weeks. 
Now, I must stress, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP IF YOU DON'T THINK YOU'LL BE ABLE TO SEND!!! While this is all fine and dandy there is a possibility that one g1 will send an awesome gift and get nothing in return. 
Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss the next blog updating you with more information. I'll be e-mailing everyone who e-mailed me anyways with the blog but it's easier.
Lastly if you've any questions, there's the comments section. 
Let's make this amazing guys
I'm Terra, I'm out

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