The ScrewAttack Weekly Recap (Mar 19-25)

Posted on March 25, 2012 - 5:00pm by Ryan Conway

Welcome g1s to another edition of The ScrewAttack Weekly Recap. This week, The gang stumbles upon a wierd VHS tape. Craig tries to beat Killer Instinct on the hardest difficulty in the latest CHALLENGE MONDAY! Ben and "Better Tetra" fight their way through the Temple of the Gods. Connie Goodwife cooks up some Octorck. Extra Credits compares western RPGs to JRPGs, and Micheal Bay presents The Legend of Zelda. Not to mention we've got all of the great Reviews, Hard News, and Random Awesomeness that has graced ScrewAttack over the past week!


VGV - Blades of Steel: Holy CRAP! This game TALKS TO YOU?!!!?
This Weird VHS Tape We Found: We were watching old VHS tapes from the 90's when we stumbled upon this really strange commercial break.
Keith Apicary VS Dolph Ziggler: Tweet "@KeithApicary is number one, @HeelZiggler is number none!" to spread the word!
CHALLENGE MONDAY - Beat Killer Instinct. Hardest Difficulty.: IT'S CHALLENGE MONDAY! Today Craig looks to get the guys back on track by defeating the evil that is Killer Instinct.
Hard News 03/19/12: Today on Hard News Capcom is going after hackers, Beamdog might make another Baldur's Gate, and an angry ME3 fan takes his case to Washington.
Review - I Am Alive: Is I Am Alive a tale worth living or a deathtrap best avoided?


The Worst EVER: Sexy Chick: There's a lot of sexy women in the world of gaming and some that just look like they've been hit with the ugly stick. What are the worst sexy chicks of all-time?
Free to Play Weekly 03/20/12: This week on Free to Play Weekly Seven Souls Online begins open beta, a indie construction sandbox game, and much more!
Screwin' Around w/ Battle Fantasia and Street Fighter X Tekken: Round 1! Chad VS. Sean... FIGHT!
Hard News 03/20/12: Today on Hard News Kain's legacy may continue, Telltale is doing The Walking Dead, and did Dragon Age 2 DLC die so Dragon Age 3 could live?


VGV - Super Mario Bros Fun Facts: Want some useless knowledge? Here's a bunch about the original Super Mario Bros.
SideScrollers - "Fire Baby": The most entertaining 30-45 minutes of your video game week!
Hard News 03/21/12: Today on Hard News Epic Mickey gets a sequel, GAME is entering administration, and will Mass Effect 3 DLC cover for the original ending?
Screwin' Around: Zelda Wednesday (Part 7) "Tetra gets manly": Ben battles through the Tower of the gods in search of a legendary sword alongside... Lauren?
VGV - Golden Axe: The Duel: The hack 'n' slashers of Golden Axe go side-to-side in this fighting game version of SEGA's beat 'em up!
Video Review - Street Fighter X Tekken: Street Fighter X Tekken is a game people never thought would happen, does Bryan think it's actually worth buying?
Review - Journey: It's art in its finest form, but is it enjoyable to play?


Extra Credits Season 4, Episode 3: "Western & Japanese RPGs" Part 1: This week, we begin a three-part series discussing (and defining) Western RPGs and JRPGs.
ScrewAttack vs the Internet - Challenge #2: We continue our quest of internet domination by making a U-turn from L.A. and heading WAY past Dallas. Who is our next competitor and will they accept our challenge?
VIGIDEN - BYTE TO EAT: ZELDA'S LEGENDARY ROASTED OCTOROK: Wonder what's for dinner? Well, Connie Goodwife, psychotic homemaker and VIGIDEN's resident cook, has the answer: a Legendary Roasted Octorok!
Hard News 03/22/12: Today on Hard News Microsoft has next, take your Max Payne 3 crew to GTA V, and Sackboy is going karting.
Screwin' Around with Shadow of the Beast: Jared and Chad continue to play terrible retro games... starting with whatever the hell Shadow of the Beast is.
VGV - Tekken 3: This classic fighter hits the mark with a deadly dinosaur wielding a weapon of ass destruction.


Behind the Scenes of "This Weird VHS Tape We Found": How did the idea of the VHS tape come together? We have no idea.
The Tester 3 Commentary Ep. 7: Baseball, Trivia... MOON!
Hard News 03/23/12: Today on Hard News GameStop will no longer accept GameCube games, Slant Six knows that Operation Raccoon City sucks, and a new Wing Commander game.v
March Madness Staff Bracket Update #1: For those of you who are into SPORTS, here is the crew's brackets for the March Madness basketball tournament going into the second weekend. How are you doing? We're doing horrible!
Screwin Around w/ Yoshi's Island: Jared plays some Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island LIVE!


Caption This! Mario's Dead Edition: Every week we find the best pictures and screens from around the web and bring them to you so you can apply your witty comments to them. This week we're including screen caps of ScrewAttack videos and the most epic Skyward Sword fan art in history. Do your worst g1s! DO YOUR WORST!
Clip of the Week - Michael Bay's Zelda: Everyone's mad about the movie they know Michael Bay is making, but what about the one they don't?
The Ren and Stimpy Veediots Ending Challenge: The question is simple. How long can you last?

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See you all next week!

Oh and Keith Apicary is #1 and Dolph Zigger is number none!  

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