The ScrewAttack Weekly Recap (Nov 21-27)

Posted on November 27, 2011 - 6:20pm by Ryan Conway

Welcome g1s to another edition of the ScrewAttack Weekly Recap, your one stop shop for all things ScrewAttack, with all of the Hard News, Reviews, and Random Awesomeness from this past week!


[CONTEST!] How Many People Are in Line?!: Think of this as one of those giant jars of gumballs where you need to guess how many are in it. Winner(s) gets hooked up with a free shirt and a free month of Advantage Membership!
Next on DEATH BATTLE! - Roll Call: Wily and Eggman gather their death-machines to create the ultimate robot army! Who will join the battle?
Hard News 11/21/11: Today on Hard News Battlefield 3 could use a class action clause, Rampage no longer in just the theater's arcade, and do game publishers like Blockbuster more than Gamestop?
Power Rankings - week 5: Could Zelda possibly make the Wii a winner?
[Archived] Screwin Around w/ King of Fighters 13: Today Bryan and Craig get it on in the unreleased King of Fighters 13! Sorry for the audio issues today! They get better about half way through. Blame Nick!


ScrewAttack! Message From Dr. Light!: Dr. Light has a special message for the g1s at ScrewAttack. New feature incoming!
Hard News 11/22/11: Today on Hard News Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still in some state of production, the 360 is set to take a great leap forward, and the official UK PS3 magazine might've put words in Kojima's mouth.
Written Review - Assassin's Creed: Revelations: The end of Ezio's journey is for fans only.
[Archived] Screwin' Around w/ SF3: Third Strike, Rainbow Island, and Toxic Avengers: Chad and Nick take each other on in Third Strike followed by some very random NES games!


SideScrollers - "Ass Injections": We almost forgot it was the Thanksgiving episode!
Written Review - Need for Speed The Run: Need for Speed's been doing well with its last few releases, now it's going off the beaten path with a story in The Run. Should they have just stayed on track?
Black Friday Deals. We Have Them.: We're practically giving our stuff away for Black Friday. Way to go Chad...


Games the ScrewAttack Crew Gives Thanks For - 2011 Edition: The ScrewAttack Crew reviews which games this year meant the most to them... and apparently Sean has a thing for rainbow farts.


A Day in the Life - Jared Goes Metal Gear: Recently Jared accidentally locked one of our doors shut with the keys inside the room. The only solution? METAL GEAR!
Next on DEATH BATTLE! - Big Guns: Eggman and Wily bust out the heavy weaponry in the biggest DEATH BATTLE yet!


Clip of The Week: A Very ScrewAttack Thanksgiving: How was your Thanksgiving? Good? Ours wasn't. Ours wasn't good at ALL...

If you want to check out all of the best g1 created content that was published this week, be sure to check out The Community Countdowns and the g1 Spotlight. Speaking of g1s, mad props go out to g1 debouger for creating that awesome Metal Gear Jared picture!

I hope all of you Americans out there had a very happy and safe Thanksgiving weekend. 

Oh and I also want to take some time to send out my heart felt congratulations to Stuttering Craig , who will soon be the father of a beautiful baby girl. Congrats buddy! 

See you all next week!

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