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Posted on June 3, 2012 - 9:40pm by Craig

I started planning for E3 2012 during E3 2011 - jotting down notes, things we needed to do, how many staff we'd need for production and news, what changes to the site we'd need to make, etc - and I am SO excited about the next week.  We have close to 20 staff covering this years event (not to mention what stories you g1s may be posting) witha  full news staff, production team, dedicated editors and a full time photographer.  To put that in perspective in 2011 we had a total of four staff at E3.  Yeah, big change.  Here's a little rundown of exactly what you should expect from our coverage.


Live Streams of All the Press Conferences

For the first time in history, ScrewAttack will have every press confrence streamed live.  It's pretty exciting stuff  - and we'd like to thank Spike for hooking us up with their embed - as we're literally the only independent gaming site online that will have the streams on it.  There will no doubt be huge news coming out of each conferences so make sure you've marked these times in your schedule or iCal so you don't miss anything as it's happening.


Microsoft - 9:30 AM Pacific/1:30 PM Eastern
Electronic Arts - 1:00 PM Pacific/4:00 PM Eastern
Ubisoft - 3:00 PM Pacific/6:00 PM Eastern
Sony - 6:00 PM Pacific/9:00 PM Eastern


Nintendo - 9:00 AM Pacific/12:00 PM Eastern

Breaking News

We've never covered news on ScrewAttack like we are now doing currently and at E3 we intend on flexing our news muscle.  As news breaks on the floor you're going to see it right here on ScrewAttack.  With Jared on the floor, Lauren will be hosting Hard News during the week to give you a full run down of everything you may have missed.

Debut Trailers

If you missed any debut trailers during the day, don't sweat it, we'll have them on ScrewAttack.  If for some reason we don't have them on the site yet email Drake ( and we'll get them up ASAP.

First Impressions

We're blanketing the show floor with three teams with our goal being seeing as many games as possible and letting you know if the hype behind them is warranted or maybe if there's a hidden gem that may not be getting much buzz.  You can count on tons of these hitting the site.

Photos, Photos, Photos!

For the first time, we have a dedicated photographer who's job is to give you the feel of the floor.  Everything from the booths of the big three to the booth babes.  You can expect all sorts of galleries posted throughout the day.  We want you to feel like you're in the LA Convention Center with us.


So as you can see, we've really got all the bases covered when it comes to E3 2012 and we look forward to being your destination for everything during the event.  While you can bet your ass that we'll deliver all the news, trailers, press conference, photos and first impressions, you know we'll also be bringing you the fun stuff as well.  It's going to be a great event and we can't be more excited to get it going and bring you the coverage of the year's biggest event that you deserve.

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