ScrewAttack's g1 Sig Maker Community (Fifth Volume)

Posted on August 17, 2012 - 4:43am by SpoonMan Abrams X


Even when the internet itself tried to thwart it, the Sig Maker Community doesn't stop...

Welcome back, g1s, to the Sig Maker Community Blog!. Unfortunately, between personal internet issues for over a week and the forums going down for another week, and various life issues getting in the way, this had to be put on hold, but not any longer!

Even with the issues, the Sig Maker Community doesn't stop! What have you been missing? Well, your about to find out.

However, before we get started, I want to address a slight edit mishap. This ponyriffic Diablo wallpaper was actually done by g1 Jam64! Sorry for the mix up! None the less, on to the blog!




Jigglypuff Sig & Avatar by Metaking

Who cares if it's cute & pink, it's still AWESOME!


Epic Poker Table Sig by Jam (& ChaoticMeltdown)

A Dual effort! The sig itself was made by Jam, while CM helped to create a lot of the assets. Now, what does gambling, Doctor Who, Metroid and Conan the Detective have in common? I don't know, but it's still epic none the less!


Fire Emblem Sig & Avatars by Wulfon

An awesome set to an awesome game series!


Binding of Isaac Sig & Avy by Naitokurabu

Kinda creepy, but still incredible!


MVC2 Team Signature by ThunderPlant

Guile, Little Red Riding Hood, and a Cactus? Looks pretty awesome to me!


Joker & Vault Boy Signature by Wulfon

What is with all the random Mash-ups? Oh well, they're all incredible, so who cares!?


Decepticon Signature by Metaking

We've got Decepticons! Quick someone call the Autobots!


Bully Signature by ThunderPlant

A great game and an incredible sig! Makes me kinda want to go play it...




g1 Debates Header by ThunderPlant

Just because it may potentially go unused, doesn't mean it should go unappreciated! Great work, ThunderPlant!


Flapperdoodle's Gaming Blog Header by Metaking

Made even better with Were-Sonic!


g1 Community Top Ten 16-bit RPGs Header & Thumbnail by Wulfon

Epic Banner for an Epic Blog.


Titanium Man of Flash Gaming Header & Thumbnail by ThunderPlant

Will you be the next TMoFG Champion?




Jam64's Profile Background by ThunderPlant

It might be the only one this week, but DANG! I especially appreciate there being Malcolm Reynolds.




Baccano Playing Card Renders by ChaoticMeltdown

What randomness is this? Well, it started out as part of the Sig project above, only needing the playing cards themselves, but CM went and the rest of the renders anyway. Give the man props! (also, yes, the images are actually larger then they appear, had to size them down or this blog would be 10x bigger, lol)


Animaniac's Popcorn.gif by ChaoticMeltdown



Nolan's Batman Trilogy Render by Wulfon

Made by Wulfon so Metaking sould make an absoultely incredible signature. Wow is all I have to say!


Firefly's Kaylee Trace by Jesia

Let's look at thi- WHOA! I love me some Firefly, and while this is awesome, it also scares me just a bit. (It's prudent to note this was also hand drawn. I know, I'm incredibly impressed, too!


Street Fighter Ibuki Render by ThunderPlant

Well, I know I certainly can't render this well! Trust me, I've tried...


Gumi Art Request by Jesia

More hand drawn goodness! I also wish I could draw this good (Stick figures just don't cut it most of the time, lol)



Lastly (but certainly not least) I would like to welcome Waspinator37 to the Sig Maker Community! Hopefully in the coming weeks you'll get to see some of the awesome work he has made. You can check some of it out now by clicking the link and checking out his profile, or looking at the recently updated Creator's Gallery (which contains the Frieza sig made by Waspinator that is this blog's thumbnail). The gallery also shows all of our amazing Content Creator's work, so be sure to check it out!

If you want to have something made like what you've seen above, go to the thread and post a reply with a description of what you want! If your interested in joining the ranks of the Community, then PM myself or ChaoticMeltdown with some examples of your work. If you have what it takes then you will be welcomed aboard!

Also, in regards to the "Special Announcements", those are still coming soon, but due to technical difficulties, just like this blog, it experienced some delays. Be sure to stay tuned and keep an eye open! Until next time, thanks for reading!

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