ScrewAttack's g1 Sig Maker Community (Third Installment)

Posted on June 15, 2012 - 9:25pm by SpoonMan Abrams X


We shown your lots of incredible sigs and epic profile banners, now see a bit of everything else!

Or just click here and get to requesting already! I won't begrudge you if you do.

Another week, another update. Welcome to the Third Installment of the Sig Maker Community Update Blog!

In the last 2 blogs, we showed a collection of awesome signatures and a plethora of incredible banners & backgrounds for the new g1 profile pages here on ScrewAttack! This time, we've got a bit of everything else.

So what are we waiting for? Here we go:


Firehazard's Cartoon Video Game Reviews by Abrams X

"Wait, SpoonMan makes stuff too?" Yep! Probably some of my better work, If I do say so myself. I also made the banner for this blog as well!

Flashpenny's The Alpha  of The Omega blog banner by CM

Epic movie-style banner is epic. Along with...

Time is Key blog banner by Distrotion

... so eerie... and awesome!

Coming up are three banners made for fellow g1 and cool dude JohnnyFarrar. Check 'em out!

Johnny Reveiws! blog banner by Jesia

Riddle me this!

Johnny's Thoughts! banners by Wulfon

Two banners? Yes two! Just like Wulfon before me couldn't decide which one he liked better, enither can I, so here they are both, lol.

Johnny Talks! blog banner by CM

Last but not least. Gotta love the comic book goodness!

Cyrax's The Reset Button by Abrams X

Now with more 8-bit!

Jam64's blog Jam's Opinions by Thunderplant

Firefly Jam?! Where can I get me some of that!?!


Now onto what you've all been waiting for (maybe, lol)... Signatures! Only a few but they're still awesome:


Max Payne signature by Jam64

Classic Max Payne along with the new game release. Awesome!

Kinnikuman sig by ThunderPlant & Jesia (with help from CM)

"Another Collaborated Sig?" Yes and no. It was essentially an updated edit of a sig originally created by CM, but using the recolored image by Jesia (below)

Even though it's reduced in size for the blog, looks awesome! Amirite?


Lastly, we have a couple more unique requests; An awesome full render edit & trace, and an epic custom PC wallpaper!


Vocaloid/Anime Render by Jesia

Uh, does "Desu Uguu" apply here? lol. Great Work either way!

Diablo 3 & WoW Wallpaper by Thunderplant

Resized to contain the awesomeness.


If your curious, this week's thumbnail came from quite possibly one of the greatest sigs ever to have graced the forum; Jill Sandwich sig by CM. Check it out and more by checking out our Creator's Gallery on the forum thread. There's plenty more to see there!

That's all for now. Sadly, Next week may go update-less, as I've essentially run out of completed requests to feature! DON'T LET THAT HAPPEN! Click here and get to requesting whatever you need or want. Remember we do anything, if it's an image, you can request it!

Special thanks to ChaoticMeltdown, Jesia, Thunderplant, Jam64, Wulfon, and Distrotion for making the images featured today, as well as the rest of our sig makers for being all around awesome peeps.

As usual, if your handy with Photoshop, GIMP, Paint.NET or w/e your choice of image editor is and would like to join our community, PM myself or ChaoticMeltdown with some samplesof your work. If you have what it takes, you'll be welcomed aboard in no time!

Until next time! Thanks for reading!


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