Seeking advice on Space Penguin Series 2.

Posted on September 29, 2012 - 12:49pm by The Stickman


This thing works again? That's nice.


So, it's me again, hello! Skimming quickly over my stupidly popular picture of a Bottle I posted earlier this week, did you read the blog before that? If not check it out in the link directly above. Back? Hi there, as you will now know I'm planning a new series of Space Penguin, probably my most popular series I've ever done, but this time instead of posting one 5-8 Page Issue like I did with the last three, I'm going to be making it something of an ongoing webcomic, although entirely story based and with a pre-determined ending as opposed to meandering around pointless bullshit for all of time like...say...Ctrl+Alt+Dlt. With that said, I'm unsure of what to do in terms of actually posting these strips, mainly a where rather than a when or how.


Planet of the Were-Toffs will feature Space Penguin, Jimupi and new villains, the Were-Toffs.


" it on ScrewAttack?" I hear you say (probably), and that would seem like the obvious decision seeing as this is where all the readers are, but I feel like posting a 6 Panel comic on a frequent (Possibly) basis could be construed by some as spam, and yes, I'm thinking this despite recent events in which one image and no text blogs have been featured and recieved more views than all 3 of my Space Penguin Issues combined because I personally believe blogs like that to be spam and shouldn't be allowed, let alone featured on the front page of the site. Unfortunetly I've found my search for alternate posting locations to be unfruitful, Drunk Duck seemed like the best bet at one stage but my test to see how that would go by posting all 3 Issues of the comic on the site proved this to be a pointless excersise as, after a week I've yet to get a single Page View on any of the 23 Pages. And yes, I will be posting it on Tumblr as well, but Tumblr is a really small audience for me because I'm posting actual content and not Gifs of Doctor Who/Sherlock Holmes/Avatar/Any cult TV series. If I'm going to make these strips due to popular demand I want them to be worth my time and actually get viewed by more than 5 people. So that's where you come in, I want your feedback/advice on what to do. You don't think posting it on here is spam? Tell me then, if enough of you agree on that fact that maybe I'll reconsider. Know a good website to post fledging comics on? Tell me and I'll look into it. You're the guys I make this thing for, and I want you to have your say on where it goes from here.


The Key themes of Planet of the Were-Toffs will be horror and the Upper Class/Middle/Lower Class, and the Occupy/1%/David Cameron is a wanker thing we've got going on right now in the world.


So yeah, I really want to do this for you guys, but I need to find a place where it's going to be worth taking the time out of my Univeristy schedule to do it, and it's going to need your support to make it worth the time, Space Penguin #3 was really well recieved by you guys but it disappointed me in the View department...I could make a comment about featuring and all that but I'd rather leave that be for now, I love making these comics, but I've got things to do now, and whilst I will try my best to keep Blogging/Space Penguin involved as much as I can, I need to have a reason to do that. So, advice, suggestions, comments whatever you want to give me, drop it all down in the comments below, I'd love to hear from you.


As I said before, you can follow me on Twitter and Tumblr to keep up to date on my goings and comings and leavings and progress on anything I'm working on, so do that if you're interested.


Later gators!

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