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Posted on October 3, 2012 - 12:32pm by darkhyrulelord


Continuing with my SGC punishments since we have reached our goal, I shall review the movie Tokyo Godfathers for g1 Dum Dum Dugan.





Tokyo Godfathers is a fictional anime movie where three homeless people (a female teen runaway, a homo who was abandoned as a child, and a drunk bum who gambled his life away)   in modern day Tokyo (in the Winter) get the unexpected burden of caring for a baby girl after noticing that the baby has been left abandoned.  After some discussion, they decide to care for it and to go out on a journey to seek out the baby's parents on their own.  During their grueling journey out in the cold, each of them has to confront their troubles of their past in some degree and their journey gets tied to some other events that just so happen to get in their way---some forturnate and others very bad.  Nevertheless, the trio realize that their task given to them will be very difficult and life-changing.



The first thing I noticed is that the art style for this movie hits the mark for the most part quite well.  While I have never been to Tokyo myself, I still have a rather good feeling as to what it should look like from pictures I've seen.  The movie puts great detail in the backgrounds (which is obviously great) and creates a clash of what New York and Japan would be like.....which is what I would think Tokyo would be.  A lot of different areas are depicted, all with a great amount of detail and it spruces up the movie a bit.  For instance, there is a graveyard scene in the movie that correllates with what Gaijin Goomba said about what graveyards there are like with tons and tons of tombstones crammed together, so props there (although this isn't surprising since this movie was made in Japan after all).  Apart from one exception (which I will mention later), the art style for the characters is very good as well and they are all memorable just by that alone.

Speaking of characters, all of them are rather unique and are certainly....interesting.  Each of them has their own backstory that you discover later on--kind of like the TV series Lost.  Each has their own different ambitions, which can cause conflict with each---and you know how much I enjoy conflict. >: )  The movie does a superb job conveying how any person in the movie feels about something---sometimes more obvious with what they say or do---others by portraying how they feel like in that moment.  Imagine yourself in a train where a baby is crying and everyone says that you stink....yeah, you probably wouldn't feel too good.

The beginning to this movie gets right to the chase rather quickly---which is what a good number of movies lack.  It cuts the boring parts right away, it quickly introduces the characters, and then gets the main "problem" that the characters have to deal with within about 5 minutes of the movie. It doesn't need like a super long explanation or anything.

The ending of this movie is when all chaos breaks loose and I highly enjoy it.  No, it's not nearly to the scale of what the new Batman movie had, but for this movie, things get pretty hectic.

The plot to the movie tends to throw many curveballs, thus making the movie unpredictable as well.  I don't wish to give out to much but...yeah.

This movie particularly enjoys to give out subliminal messages to the viewer about real-world problems too.  I will go into more detail further, but it certainly gives you something to scratch your head about a few or more times if you pay close attention.

There are a lot of subplots given in the movie in short bursts.  It's more things to think about after you have seen the whole flick.



I know that I really shouldn't complain about this, but there is no dubbed version of this film--making it a small nuisance for some of you I bet.

While the art style for the characters is generally detailed, the expressions of the characters are sometimes a bit too overdramatic for certain scenes.  While many are excusable, some just feel out of place as someone justs gasps and stares at something that may have been predictable or not that big of a deal (even with me picturing what that character may feel like).  There is one moment where an assassin kills this guy and takes off with the runaway girl and the baby.  At first she's naturally afraid (it doesn't help that the assassin only knows Spanish), until she gets sent with the assassin's wife in this cozy room with her own baby and then she's like "oh, I'm totally fine with this, I can relax".   I don't know about you, but I would still be rather afraid if I was in her shoes.  I mean, I would still be held captive by an assassin!!!

Also, I feel that a good portion of the plot needs some more explanation.  Perhaps I was tired or I wasn't paying full attention....but whatever the case, there were moments where I had to ask, "wait, why is he/she doing that again?"  The best example is that the trio of homeless people continue to still care for the baby despite that they could just take it the police.  In fact, they mention this (TWICE!) and they don't do it for two very lazy reasons from what I recall.  One of them being that one of them wishes to care for the baby since wants to act like a mother and the other two can't convince him to take the baby to the police.  Another is that it wouldn't make as good as a movie if they did this since this would circumvent many of the troubles that the trio would encounter in the movie.  Still, these reasons are horrible, and that moment is only the tip of the iceberg.  As I said before, while there are many interesting subplots going on, there are SOOO many without a whole lot of explanation behind them that it quickly becomes a mess.  It's like having story time with kids but jumping to many different intros to stories.  SO MUCH CONFUSION!!!!!  It doesn't help that it barely shows resolution to subplots at the end either. I WANT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS!  Don't pull a "The Lady or the Tiger" ending on me!

Additionally, I feel that the main plot is a bit too similar to some other stories and such I've seen or read that involves some poor people in some city that have to work together or accomplish.  It's....kinda hard to explain.

The ending in particular has this one scene that just defies ALL physics and is so stupid that it has to be seen to be believed.



The first thing to mention is that this movie does very little to hide the grime and dirt that this movie has to offer.  It shall show the viewer head on the misery and the terrible living conditions that the homeless have to suffer through in the cold among piles of trash.  It doesn't help either that there is a group of people that enjoy beating them up in the movie...  It's almost as if the creators wished to show some subliminal messages.  Obviously, that society is too cruel on the homeless and that they need to help them instead, since their lives may have been more difficult than yours and that they can benefit the society in a variety of ways.  It also shows that gambling is bad, and not making up for past sins will only continue to hurt you.

The trio also take food and other things from the gravestones that were obviously meant as offerings to the dead.  I know that they are desperate for sustenance....but that's a rather low way to get it.

The whole plot of this movie gets started because a family abandoned a newborn and left it in the dumpster.  Yeah....that's not looked highly upon.

Also, Ms. Hana (or whatever you wanna call him) is indeed a horror to look at.  Especially when he gets angry.  His mouth is friggin huge, too.



This film offers great art style for an animated movie, has interesting characters, and it is rather unpredictable in the plot.  However, the plot itself can be a mess and it has left me little resolution for many subplots over and over again.  It's entertaining to watch and is generally worth watching, but....I can't help but feel as if I've seen the whole "poor people make up for their past sins" deal again.  Therefore, I give this film....


6.8 Spanish Assassins out of 10.

This means that this movie was much better than the "above average" setting, but not quiiiiiite at the "good" level.


Also, thanks for g1 Dum Dum Dugan for giving me this topic.  This review is for you and for the g1s that made SGC happen.


Only 3 more punishments left!  Two of them are pictures, so I'll most likely post them on Twitter or something but one.......*shivers*

g1 Canadian Brony gets to tell me what to create in a blog verbatim and what to tweet on October 17th.  I shall dub it the "day of demise".


Today's Ganon Award goes to MadHero15 for his post on that Ecco the Dolphin may be returning!  I command you to view it!

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