An SGC Story (aka How I Got Into ScrewAttack)

Posted on July 24, 2012 - 2:30pm by Zubzero120


SGC I think is one of the best parties I've ever went to, and it was also my first convention. I was planning to upload some pictures, but they were not only were they stored on my DSi in bad quality, but it got stolen. Poo. Although, I think I have something even better; a story of when I first saw ScrewAttack on the interwebs, and the first time I set foot in SGC.

I was about 15 years old at the time, and was still a freshman in high school. I think it was in January when my brother told me about this hilarious person who reviews video games. I watched the first part of the CD-I review where he has a Donkey Kong doll that makes weird finger signs, and it soon came to be that the Angry Video Game Nerd was one of the funniest people I've ever seen on the internet.

I've went through all of his videos on Gametrailers, and I've never really got around to seeing another tab: Video Game Vaults and Top 10s by the guys at ScrewAttack. I've asked my brother if he's seen it, but he says it's not really as funny as the AVGN. I saw the videos after he said that starting with Kirby 64. I myself found them hilarious, and after slapping my brother in the face, I started watching those videos as well.

It was at the moment I saw the top 10 Screwattack moments that they mentioned SGC. The moment I saw that on the list, I instantly wanted to go. I convinced my dad to go since it was only a half hour drive, and the tickets were cheap, so we got 3 special tickets that allowed us to get in there early.

I saw the banner at the hotel, and there I saw my first cosplay; a couple of guys dressed up in TF2 outfits! I was really really excited. Not just to see how much fun people were having, but mostly to actually meet the AVGN in person, and have him sign my Game Boy (I'm a big portable fanatic).

I remember one of my favorite things to go to was the theater. My brother and I were waiting for an AVGN showing, and we were watching Sonic Underground. I absolutely loved how involved the audience was. There was claps and laughs throughout the whole thing, and I don't think I could ever have any other exciting theatrical moment in any theater.

I also vividly remember the day I sat down with Stuttering Craig. All I asked from my dad was an autograph, but he insisted that I sit down with him with a small bag of cheetos and just talk with him. We talked about Mega Man and stuff like that, but I feel that the conversation was... kind of dumbed down. I was really nervous at the time and didn't know what to say, so he was mostly the one talking. Craig, if you're reading this I think we had a great talk, but if I ever get the chance to meet you at SGC 2013, we have to talk again.

There was also a moment with Brentalfloss playing the piano. At the time, I thought he was just a bald guy on a piano. He was playing Mario, and after he was done, I instantly shouted "NOW DO ZELDA!!" He didn't know what to say after that other than a smile, and "oh, if you insist." It was later on the TV screen outside of the stage area that I realized he was more than just a guy playing a piano. I felt embarrased.

But not as embarrasing as the signing of my Game Boy. I was in line to sign my Game Boy with the Angry Video Game Nerd, and I was talking to other people in line about Mario is Missing. I was a PC guy, and was telling them about the horrible PC ports of that game. When I finally got my stuff signed, I told the AVGN about how Mario is Missing on the PC is the worst port out of all of them. That was embarrasing for 3 reasons; 1. because I already talked about it, and he would've overheard me. 2. Because he already mentioned in the video that he would do the console versions because they would stick out, and 3. because I could've said anything else. ANYTHING ELSE! I felt like I wasted my moment with getting my stuff signed, and would never get a chance like this again.

Later that night, I was up late, and left the hotel room to watch some more stuff in the theater. I pushed the button, the elevator came, and I saw him. James Rolfe. The Angry Video Game Nerd is here, on the same floor as me, waiting for an elevator! It was so perfect, because there was no one else there, just me and him. I didn't say much, other than "what do you think of this convention?" as casualy as I possibly could. He said, "I think it's great! It reminds me of *insert obscure convention here*." That was the last time him and I ever spoke. I felt so good, I wanted to shout on a high place somewhere! I told my brother what happened, and he didn't believe me.  I felt like I have redeemed myself after that last talk that I had with him! This was the best moment I have ever experienced on any summer vacation. Ever.

So that's my story. I hope that it hasn't bored you in any way, I just wanted to get that off my chest. I also didn't attend SGC 2010, on the grounds that I went to Switzerland, which is like 2 SGCs and 1 Disneyworld combined! I will try to make it to SGC 2013 if it happens, but I don't know if I can promise anything because I'll be off for my first year in college, and anything can happen. If I have a free summer, I can guarantee I'll be there. I also want to say thanks ScrewAttack, for all of the great times. I may have lost the pictures, but I will never forget the memories.

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