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Posted on April 24, 2014 - 5:00pm by HybridRain


Believe it or not, I do take SGC seriously... Seriously fun! Did you know the trailers try to make a storyline? Well check it out!

So SGC is coming and during this last year I might had been a bit away from the community but, it has come to change. If you didn't know, I moved to Texas about 6 months ago. Since then I've been trying to organize my life and finding the proper stability I require, which means not many community related things for me... until now.

SGC is coming soon and it is no secret I enjoy SGC... no, that is an understatement. I. LOVE. SGC. One of my first conventions, one of my first experiences with the wonderful g1 community. One convention which is engraved in my heart and many others. I've met wonderful people and enjoyed the ride like no other and I cannot wait to see many of you again in 2014. But now... to the point.

For every year I've tried to go a bit into the fanboy doing some SGC trailers. Watching these again have made me realize I've evolved from what I use to do and oh man... the changes... the changes are noticeable. Shall we begin?

SGC 2013

This was the last trailer I did before moving to the US. It took me 3 days to do from scratch. Part of me wanted to go with a blast so here is the trailer. I rejoiced when the Kickstarter campaign worked out and we could enjoy once again the magic of SGC. I had a blast and couldn't be happier with the final result.  We had been waiting for a SGC for almost 2 years.

The hiatus was big and I just couldn't wait to meet everyone again. But before we could get this far... we must talk about the hiatus...

Remember SGC...

"SGC... is not happening..." - Craig (2011)
Those words for me were devastating and came to bite us later on 2012. After 2 years in a row of fun conventions I couldn't believe what Craig said to us on that day. At that time, g1s were really saddened for the news. Many of us have really created a bond online. Many of us live miles and miles away and not being able to meet again was really disappointing that year. 
The video came from inspiration after two years of waiting. Remembering those moments were important so, I decided to hope on again in my camera and do a final run remembering what many of us treasured. The laughs, the shenanigans and meeting the staff we all know and love.
It was fun, and we wouldn't forget it. What is this fun I am talking about?

SGC 2010 - Go to the Convention

SGC 2010. We were excited! Same batplace, same batchannel. Bigger, better, faster... stronger. Going to SGC again and seeing the Backstreet boys on stage... I mean Jared and company dancing to SFIV intro music was hilarious. Sitting next to many g1s watching the YouTube Hell and laughing on every horrible commercial and fail video they put on the compilation was priceless. Meeting again the g1s and seeing premieres for content ScrewAttack was proud to give us the world premiere was amazing. By that time, we knew the hotel was getting really small for this convention and so we hoped to see and improvement for the following convention (little we knew, what we had to wait... which it was worth it).

Was SGC 2010 better than SGC 2009? Hell yeah.

The Road to SGC

I had recently became g1 of the year. I had recently joined for the first time to a gaming community. I was young and scared because this kid was going for the first time on his own to the USA to a convention. His first convention. I took the first step. Never regretted it.

Meeting the Screwattack staff and the g1s was at SGC was one of the events I will never forget... and that changed me. I wonder many times what road would I had taken if it wasn't because of these events. Would I have become a doctor? A pilot? A teacher? OK not that serious but my point was that SGC for me has been an experience I wouldn't miss and I glad I haven't.

SGC was not just about panels and vendors. It was bringing from around the world the community. Meeting this members and internet celebrities at the time was amazing for many of us. That was what made the convention so incredible. The experience to meet face to face the people who followed you on the internet and finally shake hands with each one of them. Getting recognized was something new for me and I was happy to take pictures with many g1s and even the staff. SGC would mark the beginning of a tradition which, I hope never fades.

With this I end my recap of my experience of SGC. But you must be wondering... why so serious with the trailers? Why Halo??? Why do this. Well most of it is because of the love for the community and the convention. Other reasons are because why not and because I love Halo. Doing something different for this events felt good because it made me spark the excitement for another SGC, another regroup were we can go crazy and enjoy with the community many memories. And like any good movie... it must have a trailer.

I will do a trailer soon for SGC 2014. The tradition goes on and on. Why should it stop now... So Don't Stop Me Now... DON'T STOP ME NOW- CUS I'M HAVING A GOOD TIME! HAVING A GOOD TIME!!!

-See ya at SGC, Cowboy.

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