Shogg's Game Diary March 21st 2012

Posted on March 22, 2012 - 4:56am by Shoggoth8852


 Today, I played New Super Mario Brothers DS and, Duke Nukem 64! I also got very exciting news from a special someone.

 March 21st


New Super Mario Brothers DS
I would have started this one sooner but there was food available and I was really hungry. So, once I finished my turkey sandwich I spent about 15 minutes playing the third card game in the mini-game section. This is a game I haven’t yet tried and it turned out to be a watered down version of Poker probably. I really don't know too much about poker and have nothing but decades old memories of Vegas Stakes to remind me what the Hell Poker is. I ended up finishing that game with over 120 coins and it didn’t seem to do anything for me in single-player. My remaining break time was spent making sure level 2-B was the one with the warp pipe I’ve never been in before and that seems to be the one. I tried to get in there but I couldn’t find a mini-mushroom. There’s a parakoopa around but I only had a chance to hop on it once and failed miserably to make it on top of that platform.  Luckily for me though, I was able to kill the giant fish trying to devour me.

End at 4:00am



Duke Nukem 64

I fucking LOVE this game! I’ve been playing Duke Nukem 3D since I was about 10 or 11. My step-dad brought home a used computer and it was the first PC game that I actually owned. I eventually got the Nintendo 64 port of the game and had even more fun with it since that was the first game I ever came by that incorporated bot matches. To clairify, we had a PC at home before the internet and we didn't have wireless internet until about 2006. At this point the internet we have is good enough to get me on Xbox Live and download game demos but I wouldn't trust it to play games with other people. Recently I downloaded the Xbox Live re-release but I haven’t clocked nearly as much time into that one than I have on the Nintendo 64 version.

I started today on level 3, Toxic Dump but skipped around to a bunch of different levels and ended up in The Stadium. I beat the Xbox Live version of Duke Nukem 3D but as I played through the levels on the Nintendo 64 version I notice something strange: the Nintendo 64 version seems to have more levels! Level 17 and 18 (Overlord and Lunatic Fringe) don’t appear to exist on the Xbox Live version of Duke Nukem 3D which is a shame because Lunatic Fringe features an epic boss fight against what looks like a Rancor armed with shoulder-mounted rocket launchers. I don’t remember level 20 (Bank Roll) being in the Xbox Live re-release either although to be fair I only went through the Xbox Live port once and could have very well missed some things. There are a total of 34 levels in the Nintendo 64 port of Duke Nukem 3D so I’m going to have to see how many are in the Xbox Live version or at least try to. It's a lot easier on the N64 with my trusty gameshark helping me along the way.

As I played Stadium on the N64 (that's the Stadium level of Duke Nukem 3D and not Pokemon Stadium), it took me a minute to realize that the Alien Overlord was different from every other enemy and boss in the rest of the game. Every other enemy in this game look like paper-thin cut outs but the Overlord is a three-dimensional enemy. Even Duke’s guns look like paper cut-outs so the final boss really pops out unlike everything else in this game. As I type this out, I’m letting the game continue to run so I can listen to the Duke Theme. It may be on an infinite loop of roughly 40 seconds of music but it’s still pretty bad ass. That could just be the nostalgia talking though so take that for what it’s worth.

End at 5:35pm


Special report!!!

I’m in the middle of a move so a lot of my games are in a different state. Earlier this week I found and purchased a Virtual Boy in GA where I’ll be living by this summer. Before leaving GA I made a small Amazon order for an AC-Adapter and Teleroboxer. The later was delivered Wednesday afternoon so, once I’m home in GA I’ll have something other than Mario Tennis to play on the VB! I only got a couple of texts from her about it and she says it’s really challenging but a lot of fun.

Teleroboxer, for those of you who don’t know, was a first-person boxing game exclusive to the Nintendo Virtual Boy (Nintendo’s big flop of the 90’s). It was one of the only games on the VB library to use both control pads as well. All I know is, one of the robots you can fight against looks like Iron Man's Hulk Buster suit and I can't wait to knock its block off! 

I'm coming for you, you Iron Man wannabe!

I'm coming for you, you fat Iron Man wannabe...with teeth...ok, maybe it isn't all that similar to The Hulk Buster but I haven't had a long look at it before now.

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