Should there be a new franchise for box art Mega Man?

Posted on March 6, 2012 - 4:00pm by usedgamer


So like a lot of you I have my own reactions and opinions on the new Mega Man. I think for me over all I'm more confused and intrigued than enraged.

Let’s look back at Mega Man... If you look at the series as a whole it gave birth to not one franchise but several, much like Mario and Sonic perhaps. This got me thinking... maybe Mega Man is due for a new incarnation...

Now some people might be kind of annoyed with that thought... Many feel that the blue bomber they know will never return. This is a silly thought. We've been through X, Legends, Battle network, Zero, and probably some franchise I forgot and you know what? We still had some classic Mega Man games between all those. Mega Man has had many different shapes and sizes.

Any ways this got me thinking. If this actually was going to be the next version of Mega Man would it really is that bad? What would it be like?

From what I know, I'd go with it being mostly 2D beat em up. It would have elements though of the classic Mega Man games and maybe Legends. It would have a choice of you starting with the choice of 8 missions and gaining the bosses powers.

It would have more combat in it than platforming, but there might be some secret areas you can find so it's in totally linear. Also I'd have the regular enemies be weaker to certain attacks in addition to the robot masters. The paper-rock-scissors strategy will be a crucial part of the game. I would also maybe put in some shops to buy additional items like a certain red dog...

So yeah that's all I have to say on it for now. I'm hoping that Capcom will at least give us some sort of Mega Man game this year, but I have a feeling he's on hiatus.

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