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Silicon Knights lay-offs and debunked rumors

6/12/12 4:23pm

Hardly surprising, Silicon Knights has confirmed that a few of its staff members have been let go. Denis Dyack confirmed to GamesIndustry that “Silicon Knights has unfortunately had to lay off a small number of people. We are scaling back to a core group and focusing all our efforts on future opportunities”.  Well that sucks, but what about the Nintendo rumor?

When we put up the rumor about Nintendo pulling out of a deal with Silicon Knights, it was just that. A rumor. So when Denis Dyack denied the death of Eternal Darkness 2 stating “as to the rumor about Nintendo, it is not true and has no basis in fact”, I wonder if he should have clarified what part. As far as I am concerned, this means Eternal Darkness 2 is in fact a thing. Hooray!

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