The Simpsons Arcade game comes to PS3

Posted on February 1, 2012 - 2:00pm by Dr. Wondertainment


The Simpsons Arcade game being released for PSN on the seventh, free for all PS+ subscribers. No news on a 360 release, indicating it may be an exclusive.

Editor's Note: Just to throw in my two cents, we reported this as a rumor in November, and initially it looked like it would be coming to both platforms. Digging a little further, it looks like this was actually supposed to come out today, but because of Microsoft's policy, it was delayed until next week.Xbox 360 will see this on Friday, February 3rd. You were right about one thing Fulchrum, Microsoft does not play nice...

By now you're probably aware that Screwattack likes the Simpsons Arcade beat-em-up game, naming it the best cartoon game ever. You might also be aware the game has never been released for consoles (that iPhone thing doesn't count). So you may be interested to hear that, according to the latest update from Sony about their PS+ offerings, the game will be coming to the PSN next Tuesday.

Not only that, but the games visuals are being upgraded to HD, and will also include classic four player multiplayer, both for local and online multiplayer. The game will even be completely free day one for all PS+ subscribers - not just discounted, but completely free.

Sadly, however, there is some bad news to this if you read between the lines. Microsoft have yet to announce anything resembling a release on the XBLA, and due Microsofts policy of not accepting games if they have been exclusive to other consoles before coming to them, this indicates it may just be for the PS3. So once again, 360 owners will have to miss out.

Still, if any g1's want to try some good ol' beat-em-up action as Homer, Marge, Lisa or Bart, shoot me you’re PSN ID and we'll set up a game next week.

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