Skullgirls IndieGoGo Campaign is finally over with jaw dropping results

Posted on March 28, 2013 - 12:25am by MetroidDread


$825,000 Stretch goal as been reached.

Skullgirls is getting 5 DLC characters.

The Skullgirls IndieGoGo Campaign is finally over.
Lets talk about Skullgirls and the donation drive for DLC characters.
Skullgirls is a downloadable 2D fighting game developed by Reverge Labs, and published by Autumn Games and Konami. It was released on PlayStation Network in North America on April 10, 2012 and on Xbox Live Arcade on April 11, 2012 and in Europe and Australia on PlayStation Network on May 2, 2012.

After the game's release, Reverge Labs laid off "the entire" Skullgirls development team for unknown reasons. However, after about five months of silence the team revealed they had started their own studio, Lab Zero Games, to continue development on the PC port as well as future patches and DLC. This was only possible as the IP rights fully rested with the original publishers, Autumn Games, who are "fully behind the new studio".

Lab Zero Games said they will release a PC version sometime this summer.

On February 25, 2013, Lab Zero Games set up an Indiegogo page for Skullgirls, in an effort to raise $150,000 for the development of the game's first DLC character, Squigly. Contributor rewards included desktop wallpapers, the game's soundtrack, a Steam key when the game is ported to PC, Steam keys of another Marvelous AQL title, Half Minute Hero, ringtones from the voice actresses of the game, and the chance to add a background character to the game, among others.

Within several hours, the crowdfunding page received one-third of their goal, and reached its initial goal within one day along with Squigly's story and stage. The new stage will, of course, feature an all-new track from Michiru Yamane
While a stretch goal of a second DLC character the first male character in Skullgirls, Big Band, was fully funded in just over 2 weeks along with his story, stage and track.

The guys at who are fans and supporters of Skullgirls (and hired on as an animator for the game) made a little flash of Big Band being successfully funded.
To reward everyone's effort in raising money for the Skullgirls Crowdfunding, the Lab Zero team opted to add an all new bonus stage to Skullgirls. This is completely independent and has no correlation with any other stage or story mode goals.
In one of the perks there is one for "$1,000 Patron Saints" which will get you everything from the $150 Booster set, plus: Work with the Skullgirls team to put you or your character in a stage. The response has been so overwhelming to how people wanted to add their NPC in the game they added more Patron Saints perks. The Image below is an early concept of a bonus stage ballroom tentatively known as “The Glass Canopy” where the Patron Saints perks NPC will be hanging around while the fighters go at it.
The other stretch goals include a third and fourth DLC character determined by fan vote, as well as alternate voice packs for existing characters.

Continuing on with DLC characters, if $600,000 is raised they will start working on another character. This time the character will be fan voted, to spur fans to this goal they are releasing images of a new character which fans would then be able to vote on at every $20,000 raised.
Well the $600K was reached and now were getting a 3rd DLC character decided by vote by the fans. (Those who donate at least one dollar will be able to vote.) The goal for $625K was reached so they'll release a story mode and a new stage and track along with the Mysterious DLC Character. Those who have donated at least $1 will be able to vote.
Lab Zero Games also provided a rundown of how the voting will work.

Anyone who contributes at least $1 will be eligible to vote for the 3rd DLC character, so be sure to tell your friends to contribute before the campaign ends on March 27th!

Voting will go as follows:

  • Four rounds of voting
  • 1st round: All characters, 3 votes
  • 2nd round: Top 16 from 1st round, 3 votes
  • 3rd round: Top 8 from 2nd round, 3 votes
  • 4th round: Top 3 from 3rd round, 1 vote

Polls will be e-mailed directly to all contributors.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for suspicious votes. Any votes deemed suspicious will be thrown out, and will not count toward the results of the poll.

Lab Zero Games set a goal for $725K, if reached Mane6 will get the Skullgirls engine to use, free. Also Lab Zero Games will make Robo-Fortune a full playable character. If they reach $750K, Robo-Fortune with also get her own story mode and a new stage and track. And those goals have been reached.
Well after a month of hype, and last minutes of time almost out, the Skullgirls donation has finally come to an end and has reached the goal of $825K for the 5th DLC character (2nd Mysterious DLC Character) that will be decided by fan vote.
The indieGoGo campaign ends with a total of $829,829.
Unfortunately the goal for $850K was not reached for the 5th DLC character (2nd Mysterious DLC Character) for story and stage with a new track, however Skullgirls twitter has said that even though the indieGoGo campaign is over, for a short time, Lab Zero will still accept direct contributions through Paypal and they will still honor the awards.
But what are some of the things we would use additional money after they pass the $850K goal?
- Rent an office to greatly improve productivity / enable whiteboard Wednesdays
- Add Taunts
- Additional Intro / Win animations
Thank you everyone who has contributed and supported this campaign.
In my eyes, this seriously needs to go down as a great moment in video game history.
Let it be known we all love you, Lab Zero Games!

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