Skullgirls "Joke" character Fukua now fully playable on PC and PS3

Posted on May 18, 2014 - 3:20pm by LordoftheDerp

Editor's Note: Lab Zero confirmed via Twitter that the Xbox 360 version of the patch has been submitted to Microsoft for approval, so 360 owners should expect to see this not-so-secret character soon. It should also be noted Fukua's story and stage have been patched into the PC version, along with a few character adjustments. 

If you have the patch downloaded but are having some trouble finding her, try scrolling around the character select screen. You'll find her pretty easily. ... She's in the empty character slot to the right of Big Band.

On April 1 of this year, Mike Z and his legion at Lab Zero Games surprised the PC community for LZG's smash indie hit fighting game Skullgirls with a bonus DLC character; Fukua the Filia palette swap.

Using Capcom's latest PR debacle, the "Cammy-clone" Decapre, as inspiration, Z and his top brass programmers spent the three days before April 1, using only pre-existing frames and voice clips to make a the clone-tastic (seriously her gimmick is making clones of herself at will to use as projectiles) Fukua. This clone takes from Filia herself, the shape-shifting Double, and two proto-forms of Cerabella and Peacock called Grappler and Sniper Filia, respectively, from all the way back when Skullgirls was in its earliest stages of development. Anyway, by these powers combined, Fukua was born, and loudly released onto the unwashed masses of the Master Race via the game's Steam port.

Upon seeing the surprisingly large amount of love the Skullgirls community had for his little Frankenstein of a character, Mike Z proclaimed that if Fukua really could get so many fans in such a short time-span (the exact opposite of her inspiration) then why let three days of no doubt Red Bull fueled (or equivalent) work go to waste?

And so, Fukua was left in, with the promise that she would be added to consoles (for all us console scrubs out there) as part of Eliza's patch come autumn. However, she would not have a stage, story mode, or extra costumes, but she would always be free.


Well, so much for waiting! 

In a surprising twist, Lab Zero patched Fukua into the PS3 version of Skullgirls Encore early. May 13, actually. Just kinda... slipped it in there without any sort of announcement. Really, I'm surprised this update received so little attention.

Anyway, also against Mike Z's word, Fukua does in fact come with her own stage (a Negatize Zone-esque remix of the existing stage Maplecrest, called Nightmare Crest, complete with key and pitch change remix) and a story mode. Granted, the story mode only has three scenes; an opening, an end, and a post-credits scene (so sit through), all done in adorable chibi style, drawn by a guest animator whose name I can't recall right now. ... Should have watched the credits. Fair warning though, it seems as a trade off for making the story mode at all, the AI is set up to be as ludicrously difficult as possible, even on easy. That is why I can't just go look up the name again. 

Why are you still here? Patch and play!

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