Skullgirls now has a third mysterious DLC character... And you can vote on them!

Posted on March 26, 2013 - 12:05pm by MS64DSWII

Today on the Skullgirls indieGoGo campaign, the goal to have a third DLC character has finally been reached by having raised over $600,000! As of this writing the campaign has had $622,570 backing it.

There are also a few more goals left to be reached with only less than 48 hours left before the campaign is over. These goals are to have $625,000 be donated to give this DLC character their own stage and story, and to have $725,000 be donated to let Mane6 use the Z engine.

The people at Lab Zero will most likely be able to get a stage and story for this mystery DLC character. This character will be chosen from a list of characters that they have had revealed which you can see right here: 

There were also two other goals that they had which were to have $825,000 be donated to have a second mystery DLC character, and to have $850,000 be donated to give that second mystery DLC character a stage and story. Those goals probably will never be reached considering how much time is left.

Incase you still want to donate to the campaign (like I did), I'll leave it in the source. So g1s are you excited that Skullgirls will have a third DLC character?

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