Sonic Adventure 2, NiGHTS Into Dreams ports dated & priced

Posted on September 18, 2012 - 1:00pm by Tjoeb123

Sega has announced that both the XBLA and PSN versions of Sonic Adventure 2 and NiGHTs Into Dreams will release on October 2nd for 800 MSP/$9.99.

The former will also have the Battle Mode DLC, which basically upgrades the game to the GameCube version, for 240/$3 more, much like the digital release of Sonic Adventure.  The latter will include its Christmas NiGHTs expansion, which itself was only avaliable through various promotions in 1996.

For those of you who don't know, Sonic Adventure 2 was released in 2000 to celebrate his 10th anniversary, it was the awesome sequel (which, by the way, made ScrewAttack's Top 10 Dreamcast games) to the already awesome Sonic Advenutre (minus the Adventure Fields....booo!!!). It brought along new mechanics (mech shooting, treasure hunting), two sides of the story (where you can play as the VILLIANS!!!), an AWESOME soundtrack, and well... Just about everything else you can think of!  Well, okay... not literally everything...

NiGHTs Into Dreams was probably the best game there was on the Sega Saturn.  In fact, if I were Craig, I would put this at the top of ScrewAttacks's Top 10 Sega Saturn games... if the list existed!  The story revolves around 2 young children - Claris and Elliot.  One night, they're dreaming about life, and what they're trying to accomplish (Claris being in the choir, and Elliot being a basketball player), when all of a sudden, it turns into a nightmare.  NiGHTS saves them, but becomes trapped inside the Ideya Palace until Claris or Elliot dualizes with him (her?).  At that point you take control of NiGHTS, and your task is to rescue the 4 Ideyas (one at a time though) and bring them back to the Palace so you can take on the boss and kick Wizeman's ass!  You get the drift. 

It was also the first game (I believe) to have analog controls.  As such, the game was bundled with the Analog controller (which looks like a Dreamcast controller, only it was black, and had a lot of empty space...) for the Sega Saturn.  Sadly, I got the game withought the controller, but it was just as fun using the D-pad controller.  Anyway, I thought it was fun to play around as the kids (without becoming NiGHTS) and see if I could glitch out of the levels (of which there are only 4 per character; the 4th must be unlocked).  I actually did so.  But it seemed kinda short. Oh and there was a sequel for the Wii.  Yeah, that one sucked...

Anyway, Christmas NiGHTs features the same gameplay, but is themed after whatever holiday you played the game on (based on the Saturn's current time).  There were lots of goodies to unlock, including the ability to play as... wait for it... Sonic the Hedgehog!  IN 3D!!!!!

Also, fun fact:  For every anniversary Sonic had, there were games to go with them!  His 10th was Sonic Adventure 2.   His 15th was Sonic Riders, Rivals, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Rush, the Sonic Storybook games on Wii, and... that one game. His 20th brought us Sonic Generations.

So, g1s... do you plan to pick up these games on October 2nd?  Did you love these games when you were kids?  Will Craig ever make anymore ScrewAttack Top 10 lists?  Share your thoughts with me (and the rest of us, too!) in the comments section below!

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