Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed: Dream Roster

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Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed: Dream Roster

I recently bought a copy of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing and I have been enjoying it quite a bit. I’ve also been paying attention to the announcements that Sega has been making in regards to S&ASR: Transformed, which I plan on getting after it comes out. However, I do think that, while Sega has made several excellent choices regarding the playable characters in the two games, they have made some questionable decisions and left out plenty of worthy characters. So, I’ve decided to create my own roaster for S&ASRT.

Keep a few things in mind; 1.) Just because I’m mentioning a game doesn’t mean I have played it, so if I get something wrong, feel free to point it out, but don’t be a dick about it. 2.) I’m looking not only at games that Sega has developed, but also the ones that they have published as well. So characters like Bayonetta and Jack from Mad World may be discussed at some point. 3.) Keep in mind that I’m getting my information from Wikipedia and other parts of the internet so take the information at face value. 4.) I’m only putting in one character (or two if they’re in the same car) per franchise on my list. 5.) Feel free to make your own lists, I’m interested to see what you guys come up with. So without further ado let’s get started.

1,) Sonic The Hedgehog

This is an obvious on so let’s quickly get this out of the way quickly, Sonic needs to be in this game. First off, he’s the face of the company, he’s one of the most recognizable faces in videogames, and his name is in the title of the damn game. The fact is, if Sega didn’t add Sonic, regardless of whether or not they included his name in the title, it’d be an insult to the character, the company, and to gamers in general, because of his icon status, for leading the original charge against Nintendo along with the fact that he represents Sega’s Golden Age.

2.) Agent G & Detective Washington

I like the House of the Dead series, I’m not particularly good at it, with the exception of Overkill (which is the best one), but I really like these games. That being said, I really wasn’t happy (or familiar, I had never even heard of House of the Dead: EX) Sega’s choice of having Zobio and Zobiko represent the franchise in S&SASR, Where is Agent G? Agent G has been either playable or mentioned in (as far as I can tell and feel free to correct me) all the main games in the series. So it makes the most sense (to me at least) that he’d be in the game.

      What good is a House of the Dead game without co-op? Not so good, so let’s give G a partner. Like I said, Overkill is my favorite game in the series, so, naturally, I think that Detective Washington should be riding shotgun, or driving I don’t care which. When I was thinking about this list, these two popped into my mind almost instantly and to show you how much I’ve thought about this, here are my ideas for their vehicle, in the style of S&ASRT.

The Car: The best possible option for the car is the Ice Cream truck the two find themselves in, after the third mission of the game. How hilarious was it in Overkill when the two were in that thing? Why not extend the hilarity to another game, especially if you have Washington saying stuff like “What the…” and “Son of a…” when people pass them or they get hit with items.

The Boat: I’d like to think that during the episode where the two are in the swamps they weren’t just wading through the water (though I think they were). So the two should drive an airboat when in the water, from what I hear they are the best way to traverse a swamp, so it seems to make sense (at least to me).

The Plane: For the final transformation, I say they ride in the helicopter from the end of the game. The only difference will be that one of the two are driving it and not a zombie like at the end of the game.

As for their All-Star move, I picture them hanging out the windows of the vehicle shooting at the other players, causing them to spin out like they do after hitting the traffic cones in the first game. Plus, “What the Funk,” needs to be playing during the duration of the move.

3.) B.D. Joe

      I never played a lot of Crazy Taxi, but I did play A LOT of Simpson’s Road Rage which, according to Sega’s legal department is the same game, so I’m qualified to talk about either one. Crazy Taxi is a game about driving, who in the world wouldn’t include a character from a driving game into a kart racer? Fortunately, Sega has been smart and has put him into both games in this series and I support this decision so B.D. Joe is on my roster as well.

      But why B.D. Joe? Why not one of the other characters? I’ll ask you a question, can you, off the top of your head, name another character from Crazy Taxi? I rest my case.

4.) The Bonanza Brothers

      I’m not really good a Bonanza Bros, in fact I don’t think I’ve ever beaten the second level. Regardless, when I saw that I could use my Sega miles to unlock them in the first game, my eyes lit up, plus their car was super cool. So why take them out of the roster for the sequel? I don’t know what Sega was thinking, but I’m putting them in my game. So here are my ideas for their vehicle:

      The Car: Let’s keep the car from S&SASR. I love that thing, it should be in every racing game, regardless of whether the Bonanza Bros. are in the game or not.

      The Plane: Their blimp that the brothers escape in has to be in the game, not including it is unacceptable, beside, one of them was in the thing during their all-star move in the first game.

      The Boat: I don’t know, the wheels fold into the car and a propeller comes out, I really can’t think of anything, I just want the blimp in there.

5.) Alex Kidd

      Alex Kidd was Sega’s mascot in the 80’s, you would think he was a shoe in for a mascot kart racing game, right? Well you’d be right, to a point, he was in the first game, but he’s yet to be announced for S&ASR. What’s the deal with that? C’mon Sega show some respect for your history, I mean this guy was the face of the Master System. Well, Sega may have pushed Alex aside for some of their other characters, but not me I say let’s keep him in the series.

      The Car: Keep him on the bike from the first game.

      The Plane: Give him the helicopter he used in his all-star move

      The Boat: I really don’t know much about the Alex Kidd franchise so I don’t know if he has a boat or a ship or something, so give him a jet ski or whatever.

6.) Joe Musashi

      Every game needs at least one ninja in it and fortunately for Sega, they have one. Joe Musashi hasn’t been the protagonist of a Shinobi game for a while, though his family has been taking care of business in his absence. So why not bring him back in a racing game? Sure racing might not be Joe’s thing, but this guy is a master of the ninja arts, I’m sure he has a driver’s license. Sega’s willing to give him a chance and so am I, so he’s on the list. 

7.) Gillius Thunderhead

      I’m not a big fan of Golden Axe (I know it’s preposterous), I was more of a fan of the Streets of Rage series, but that’s not the point I’m trying to make right now. Here’s the point: I love ridiculous things in kart racers, and so far the description of Gillius Thunderhead’s vehicle in S&ASRT is truly ridiculous. His car starts as a stone bull that turns into both an eagle and a turtle, if that’s not ridiculous I don’t know what is. I must say I support the ridiculousness of his inclusion and, despite the fact that I’m not a fan of his game; Gillius must be included in mine as well.

8.) NiGHTS

      I’ve never played NiGHTS into Dreams (though the HD version is coming out soon, maybe I’ll get that) or any other games in the series, so I don’t know much about NiGHTS, aside from the fact that Sega likes to remind everyone that they created her. There is a NiGHTS pinball machine in Sonic Adventure, in Radical Highway on the 3DS version of Sonic Generations you can see her head, NiGHTS held the flag in S&ASR, and she’s probably been in plenty of other games that I’ll probably never play. All of this attention NiGHTS gets must mean Sega is proud of the game so maybe there is something to NiGHTS, and I’m willing to see what that is.

PS: I don’t know if NiGHTS is a boy or a girl so I went with “her” instead of “him.” Sorry if I got that wrong.

9.) ToeJam & Earl

      Why were ToeJam & Earl not in S&SASR and have yet to be announced for S&ASRT? I mean, I’ve heard about what happened before S&SASR, they were originally planned to be in the first game, but Sega couldn’t get into contact with ToeJam &Earl Productions in time, so they did not make it into the game, although the option for them to be DLC was still open, however that never happened. So naturally, they’d make it into the sequel right? Well, as of now, Sega has not announced their inclusion in S&ASRT, so I’m making up for lost time. So they are in.

      So here’s what their vehicle will be:

      The Plane: Their plane will be the spaceship from the first game, just without the ski-looking things on the bottom.

      The Boat: The boat will be the spaceship with the ski-things back on the bottom.

      The Car: The car will be the spaceship, but the ski-things will be replaced with wheels.

10.) Axel and Blaze

      Aside from the main Sonic the Hedgehog games on the Genesis, my favorite Genesis era exclusive series is Streets of Rage. The 2D beat ‘em up has basically disappeared from modern gaming (with the exception of games like Scott Pilgrim and Castle Crashers) and that makes me very sad, but that’s an issue for another blog. But the point is, that this lack of beat ‘em up action means that we need to see more of the Streets of Rage characters make cameos like NiGHTS does and I know a way to jump start that process, put them in the damn game Sega. But until they wise up, I guess I’ll have to be the smart one and put them in the game.

      Are you wondering why I picked Axel and Blaze? Well, they’re the only two characters that have been playable in every game in the series. But because there are so many great characters in the Streets of Rage franchise like Skate and Roo, I suggest that when Axel and Blaze finish a race they’re surrounded by the rest of the characters from the franchise. One last suggestion, their all-star move needs to be like the special move from the first game. You know, when the police car would come out and a cop would shoot a bazooka or a rail gun and clear the screen. When the other racers get hit they should spin out, fall off the race track, or something else destructive should happen.

11.) Gunstars Red & Blue

      Gunstar Heros is one of the most fun games on the Genesis if, not of all time. Yes, I’m aware that Treasure developed the game but Sega published it, which makes it fair game. To my knowledge the original characters haven’t been seen since the first game in the series (I think the characters in the GBA sequel are different although they have the same names, but I could be wrong). Because we haven’t seen these guys in such a while, they need another chance to be in the spotlight, so into my game they go.

Plus, I have a great idea for their all-star move, they get a randomly selected gun from the first game, if they don’t use it, the next time they go through and item capsule, they get a second randomly selected gun, which, like in the first game, creates a super gun and each gun has a different affect, based on what it did in the original Gunstar Heroes. As for the vehicles, I’m not even going to pick anything, do yourself a favor and play or watch someone play Gunstar Heroes and make your own choices for their rides.   

12.) Vectorman

            Vectorman was Sega’s answer to Donkey Kong Country on SNES and in the graphics it truly succeeded. Gameplay wise, Vectorman and Donkey Kong Country are two very different games, but enough comparisons; let’s look at Vectorman and Vectorman 2 on their own merits.

            The games are beautiful, the gameplay is excellent, and they were both a critical and commercial successes. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen a new Vectorman game since the Genesis, sure there was a third game that got cancelled, but unfortunately that game never made it too far into development, so we really have no idea what a3D Vectorman would have been like.

            I can’t help but feel like I’m repeating myself, but aside from repackaging the same games over and over again, Sega really doesn’t show a lot of love to its older franchises. I mean franchises like Alex Kidd, Streets of Rage, and Vectorman haven’t been given any love since the Genesis and that’s why all of these games are being represented in my game.

            As for the vehicle, why can’t Vectorman be his own vehicle? In the real version of S&ASRT NiGHTS and Reala appear as karts so why not Vectorman? Besides anyone who’s played the Vectorman games knows that Vectorman has the ability to transform into several different forms, so why not a car, plane, or a boat?

13-22.) The Remaining Cast form the Other Two Games

(Minus Wreck-It Ralph, Danica Patrick and Others)

            I’ve never played the games that these other characters come from but I’m a huge supporter of using this kart racing series as an excuse to show off the diversity of Sega and its franchises. That’s why I feel that the other franchise Sega has chosen to represent deserve to be in the game as well. I also believe that by including one character per franchise Sega can show off the rest of their catalogue, so I didn’t include characters like Tails and Gum. The characters I decided to include are: AiAi from the Super Monkey Ball franchise, Amigo from Samba de Amigo, Billy Hatcher from Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg, Beat from the Jet Set Radio games, Ulala from the Space Channel 5 games, Ryo Hazaki from the beloved Shenmue series, Jacky Bryant & Akira Yuki from the Virtua Fighter franchise, the ChuChus from ChuChu Rocket!, Opa-Opa from Fantasy Zone, and Vyse from Skies of Arcadia.

23,) The Altered Beast Guy

            When was the last time you had a conversation about Altered Beast? Seriously that was one of the best games on the Genesis, and now it, along with several other games that I’ve mentioned all ready, has faded into obscurity, and I don’t understand why. So let’s use the kart racer as an excuse to bring this guy back into the spotlight. The all-star move needs to involve the transformations from the game and when you collect the all-star move the game should say “power up” as well.

24.) Space Harrier

          Though I’ve never actually played Space Harrier, I’ve always wanted to. I really enjoy the first Star Fox and its sequel Star Fox 64 and since Space Harrier had a big influence on those games, I need to play them. Plus, I have a great idea for his all-star move: he sucks the other racers into the Fantasy zone and overtakes them, through either speed or shooting. Make sure the Fantasy zone looks like it did back in the day.

25.) Wonder Boy

            As one of the earliest Sega franchises, it would make a lot of sense for Sega to include him. Like Alex Kidd and the cast of Streets of Rage, we haven’t heard from Wonder Boy in such a long time that we need to give him another chance to make another impression on the public. If that impassioned plea wasn’t enough think about this, the first one plays a lot like Adventure Island and that game is awesome.

Honorable Mentions

Phantasy Star, Valkyria Chronicles, Shinning Force, Bayonetta, Mad World, Afterburner, Daytona USA, Ecco the Dolphin, Eternal Champions, Flicky, Out Run, Panzer Dragoon, Seaman, Sega Rally Championship, Sega Touring Car Championship, Virtua Racing, Guardian Heroes, and Yakuza. Now, I’m not saying that representatives from these franchises need to be racers, but perhaps, items can be inspired by these franchises, or racetracks can be based on them, that way we wouldn’t deal with all the similar tracks the first game had, but hey in my game everything’s perfect (as far as I’m concerned). But who’s to say Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed won’t be awesome?

Are you g1s excited for the game? What did you think of my first list? Should I make more? I’m thinking about making my own rosters for other games like this and making up my own games to make rosters for. So give me some suggestions of game rosters I could make up.     

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