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Posted on August 15, 2012 - 12:00pm by -X-


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Editor's Note: The Sony presser is also on constant repeat here if you want to check it out.

Hi there fellow g1's!

Like a lot of you I watched Gamescom 2012 today, and I wanted to share my opinions on the press conference held by Sony. Sony has not been making a lot positive headlines over the months following E3, and rightfully so. With a very lackluster showing at E3 gamers looked to Gamescom for the company to redeem themselves. After watching the conference today I can't say that Sony redeemed themselves but, perhaps they are on the right track.

The conference started with a presentation of the upcoming games on the… Wait for it… PS Vita. I know right!? I would say that this press conference was what we were hoping for an E3. We finally got a date for PS1 compatibility, and they showcased quite a few games for the system as well as giving us a new option for buying some games and actually using the cross play features we were promised some time back.

The premise is that you can now buy a game (let’s use their example and PS All-Stars) for your ps3 system and them be able to download the PS Vita version of that game at no extra charge. This is a great idea Sony. I say bravo in a time where we as gamers are duped into buying the same game three or four times in a console generation this is a great step forward and I applaud you for trying to do something like this. Now, how long this idea can sustain itself we will see and remember that this feature is only for a select few games.

The conference continued with a great showing by the people behind Little Big Planet with a new IP Tear Away. This new game seems pretty nifty but, it did seem like they were just remaking LBP. Speaking of LBP, Vita will now have a cross controller function with LBP2. This seemed like a good idea and it worked really well during the demonstration.

The rest of the conference went really smooth with the announcement of new All-Stars characters, a new Killzone on Vita, and a couple of more amazing looking PS3 IP's Until Dawn and Rain. All was going well until, IT returned. Oh yes IT returned. What is it you might say sarcastically? Wonderbook... And this time it didn't look half as bad as it did at E3. The technology is really cool and they have more partners in the mix including Disney.

I could actually see this being used in a classroom environment on the elementary or kindergarten scale (I am a teacher so I can say that there actually could be potential in this). But it still did not warrant the amount of time that it received at this press conference. Needless to say nice piece of tech but I'm not all that interested in it just yet.

The conference ended on what most would consider a highlight. Actual game footage of COD Black Ops Declassified. While I am not the biggest COD fan (I have played but never bought a game) it was really good to see a shooter that will no doubt be competent on the Vita.

Well that about wraps up the Gamescom Sony Press Conference. All in all I would say that the conference was decent and you could tell they knew that they screwed up at E3 this past year and made some serious strides to correct their mistakes and make it up to the gamers. However, I feel like it’s a little too late for them to really make up for the past couple of years, yes Sony has put out some really good games during that time and I'm sure will be putting out really good games for many years to come but I must admit over the past two years my fanboy faith has been shaken quite a bit. Nevertheless I will continue to buy Sony games and products but, I think I might be a little more hesitant from now on.

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