Sony may have accidentally made Street Fighter X Tekken DLC FREE

Posted on October 25, 2012 - 12:02pm by Ehsan

Capcom isn't exactly known as the company that handles DLC the best. Sometimes they may charge 5 dollars for a single character or implement on disk DLC one too many times. But it seems that either Capcom had a change of heart or there was an error in the PlayStation Store, as you can pick up the Swap Costume Complete Pack for free in Street Fighter X Tekken.

If you go on the PlayStation Store right now, you can see that the costume pack is listed twice, one listed at $8.49 and the other for free. Downloading either causes the other entry to disappear, so it's most likely an error on Sony's behalf. Now there was a price cut announced for the DLC for Street Fighter X Tekken to coincide with the Vita release, but I doubt Capcom's intentions were to make it free.

So rest easy, people. Capcom didn't have a change of heart and the error will most likely be there until Sony catches wind of it and fixes the issue. Until then, the DLC will most likely be free. Now if only the error was with the character DLC that was locked on the disk....

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