Sony patents a new Move controller that changes temperature as you play

Posted on October 13, 2012 - 5:00pm by ThatPunkAdam

Editor's Note: It's a neat idea and all but there's going to be news stories about this controller burning people isn't there?

Two years ago, Sony introduced gamers to the "Playstation Move". Unfortunately the accessory was poorly received and it seems as though Sony and gamers alike have forgotten about it all together. However, Sony filed a patent this week for a new controller with bands wrapped around it which become hot or cold depending on the in-game experience.

The patent's description says the controller will become hotter as your gun in the game overheats. Once the gun is cooled down, so will the controller, indicating the gun is ready for use. The controller's color will also change depending on the status of the in-game weapon.

The patent also showed off another example, saying the temperature will change when the player is engaged in combat. Explosions and gun fire from the enemy will activate a "thermal grill illusion", which also occurs when a player is hit by a electric shock. 

Temperature will also change when the player is looking for objects hidden in the game. The controller will heat up when players are near the hidden object and cool down when they are further away from it. 

Another feature the patent states is described as a "biometric sensor", which will cool down the controller whenever it detects "a decrease in galvanic skin resistance". This means the controller will cool down when is finds out you have hot and sweaty hands. Gross...

What do you think g1s? Will you give the PS Move a second chance? or should Sony just stay away from motion gaming all together? Let me know in the comments below! 

Check out the patent's PDF here!

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