Sony Pictures registers domains for BioShock film. Perhaps it's not buried at sea after all

Posted on April 20, 2014 - 3:00pm by Ryan Conway

Talks of a BioShock film adaptation just refuse to stay buried at sea, as the project appears to have resurfaced earlier this week when Sony Pictures registered three separate BioShock movie domain names.

While,, and, currently don't redirect web browsers to any sort of website, Sony now has the legal (and exclusive) right to use them. So if it can actually make it into production, one of these three domains will be used to distribute and showcase promotional material for the BioShock movie.

Initially announced by Universal Studios in 2008, this flick was set to be a "Hard R" retelling of the original BioShock, with Gore Verbinski in the director's chair. The project was then put into pre-production and for a while, things appeared to be running smoothly and it was believed the film would meet its desired 2010 release window. But in 2009, Verbinski dropped the project due to budget constraints. 

In 2010, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo was brought in to be the film's new director and the project was given a fresh start. Unfortunately, after spending another two years in pre-production, Fresnadillo would also leave the project.

To make matters worse, Fresnadillo also confirmed the budget dispute between Universal and the production team was continuing to be a major issue. Universal was said to be pushing a drastic tonal shift, which would have scaled down the violence in order to get a PG-13 rating. The promise of a $200 million budget (the amount desired by the creative team) was allegedly used as a bargaining chip to convince the creative team to change course. That didn't go over too well with BioShock creator Ken Levine. 

In March of last year, after spending five years in development limbo, the project finally sank, as Levine confirmed he and Universal came to an agreement to pull the plug. He said he wasn't willing to compromise his artistic vision in order to get the budget he felt he needed to bring it to life. 

Now with these domain names acquired, it seems Sony Pictures and Levine have come to or are close to coming to, an agreement to resurrect the project.

Will Sony succeed where Universal failed? Is the fall of Rapture destined to be captured on the big screen? Or will it ultimately be buried at sea for a second time?  

It's still too early to say just yet but if you're interested in seeing what a BioShock movie could look like, here's a link to some concept art from the original pre-production process that recently surfaced. 

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