Sony reps comment on the next-generation of PlayStation and possibility of Vita price drop

Posted on June 6, 2012 - 2:32pm by Ryan Conway

Since the completion of Sony’s press conference, representatives of the company have been rather busy answering questions from the slew of press attending E3.

Two such representatives are Sony Computer Entertainment president Jack Tretton and Sony World-wide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida, who had some interesting things to say regarding the next generation of PlayStation and the possibility of a price drop for the PS Vita.

Let’s take a look at Tretton’s comments regarding the release window of Sony’s next-gen console, shall we?

During a chat with Geoff Keighley, Tretton was asked what would happen if the PS4 was not released at the same time as the next Xbox console. Tretton said, Sony has never worried about being the first to market.

"It's about being the best. If you can build a better machine, and it's going to come out a little bit later, that's better than rushing something to market that's going to run out of gas for the long term. Ideally, in a perfect world, you want the best machine that ships first, that's cheapest. But the number one goal is to be the best machine, and that's what we're always focused on."

I’m actually a fan of this mindset. If the folks at Sony feel they can continue to create great games for the PS3, while taking their time to make the PS4 (or Orbis or whatever it’s called) the best console it can possibly be, than I’m all for it!

It’s just as he said. There’s no sense in rushing out an inferior product that so you can win a race to the check out counter.  

Now to Yoshida’s comments regarding the Vita. In an interview with Eurogamer, he was asked if Sony had considered dropping the price of the Vita, much like Nintendo had done with the 3DS. He simply said that Sony is actually very happy with the handheld’s current price point and would rather focus on the development of games and apps.

"Of course people who are looking to buy are also talking about the price of PS Vita, especially when they have to buy a memory card as well. That's something we have to spend time to cost reduce and address in the future. But now, our laser focus is to increase the content and to realise the potential of the system."

This sentiment … I disagree with. While I can understand their hostility towards a price cut, they might want to consider it, as the $300 asking price can seem a bit too high to those who are interested in the device, especially considering the currently small game library. At very least, make the Memory Cards cheaper.

Sony really should have waited a few months before launching the Vita. But that’s just me editorializing.

What do you think g1s? Can you wait another 1-3 years for the PS4? Do you think the Vita is in need of a price drop? Tell us in the comments below.

Sources: IGN and Gametrailers

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