SoulCrash Ron goes to Anime Midwest 2012

Posted on July 14, 2012 - 3:40pm by SoulCrash


I'm not going to type much here.. so If you're just here to see where you can find the pics... Here's the link...

Due to the size of the con, and the amount of content. I made the call to just make it an entry on my ScrewAttack blog, instead of having  Sean covering for me...

Anime Midwest 2012 started out for me with a surprise.  I arrived at the con at 10:30, expecting to just get in, and out with a badge. BUT, there was a LINE! To get a badge to attend the con.  I didn't wait too long to get one, it took about 15 minutes to get.  While in line, one of my Facebook convention friends spotted me in line, and he asked me why I was in line and did not have a press badge. I  told him what happened, "I was TOO BUSY to apply for one."  So he hooked me up at the last minute and signed my badge to give me press credentials...

The Con in general.  Hmmmmmmm ....  It's pretty much what you can expect from a small con...  You got a Dealers Room, Main Programming, Panels, video game room. For such a small con ... THERE WAS A CON SUITE!! in other words, free (soft) drinks, rice, and Cup o' Noodles.  Anime Midwest was simple enough to avoid the problems such as programming delays.

The Cosplay Contest ...  It was only an hour-long  show with a good amount of walk-ons and 5 skits.

The Rave ... Well, It's a rave ....   yet the turnout was was pretty good. A good amount of people stayed for awhile before it died down.

The musical performances were good. The two standout acts were Pillowcase, a cover band that plays music from the Pillows / FLCL soundtrack, and a rapper named MegaRan, who raps video game related material. Here's a couple video clips that sum up their sets:

Due to my personal life, and the size of the con, I was only able to attend the con on Saturday. I had to work on Friday and Sunday, I had to help out my sister, who was visting at the time. I had to help her move her stuff out of my house. I wish I could of gotten more hallway cosplays, but "something was up with me" (personally) at the mid-day ... :| ..  So that's pretty much my one day experience at Anime Midwest 2012.

Here's some pics from the con you might wanna check out:


If you like these pictures, you can find ALOT more on my account:

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