SoulCrash Ron goes to Midwestria 2012

Posted on September 20, 2012 - 10:00am by SoulCrash

Before you guys rip me to shreds, just hear me out.  Yeah, I know My Little Ponies is meant to be for little girls,  but I like the internet parodies of the show, and the show itself (the current, 4th generation stuff, and nothing more).  Anyways, this isn't the entry where I talk about the show.  This is what went down at Midwestria 2012.

Midwestria came out of no where in March of this year when one of my Facebook buddies told me about it.  I was like, "how do you make a My Little Ponies convention, with that little time to plan out?"  Usually, it takes at least 1.5 years to fully plan out a brand new con.  Yet, the crew that's running that con is the same crew who runs KollisionCon.  So they got this in the bag.

Due to my work place at Toyota, I missed three events worth covering.  "Running of the Leaves 5K", a 5K race for Charity.  "Iron Pony Competition", Just like an Iron Man Olympics with events like "Hay Tossing", Roping, and Tug-o-War.  And lastly, The Cosplay Contest.

Here's some footage of what happen on the "Iron Pony Competition"

Con wise.  I'll be honest, the weirdest thing about this con is, being at a con where there's more women than dudes in a con space.  Yet at night, it returns back to con normal where there's more dudes that girls. Good thing there's a good amount of people that I know from the con scene in the Midwest to hang out with...

One of my buddies that I was hanging out with during the con. DJ Bad Corey

The Dealers room and Artist Alley were in one room. The gaming room had their separate room, and the Panel Rooms were somewhere.  Later in the night, the guys who runs "Midwest Karaoke Madness" had their room.  The Rave, OMFG.  Their rave set up was by the same guy who did KollisionCon's rave.  There was a bunch of laser lights going off and smoke and stuff.  Giving me some decent shots of the rave.

For a small con, with little time to advertise, not bad.


Midwestria's rave set up.  It was no joke for a one year con.

Sadly, due to the amount of time that I got at the time. This is all I was able to report in to you guys.  Lastly I'll leave you guys with this clip that I capture from the con...  I'll let the video explain for itself...  @.@

Oh yeah... It's not a SoulCrash Ron goes to a Con post without the picture gallery link...

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