SoulCrash Ron goes to RamenCon 2012

Posted on October 2, 2012 - 9:00am by SoulCrash

RamenCon is NOT a Japanese Noodle convention if you guys base it off it's name. It's one of those GOOD easily miss conventions that can be under looked.  Even though it's their second year doing their convention, they did stuff to make their con different from the other cons.  Here's a list of why I loved this con.


Within walking distance from the con, there's a good amount of restaurants, and stores if you happen to have a cosplay emergency. Or, wanna taste Chicago's own, "Portillo's", which happens to have the best Italian beef.

The hotel facility also kicked ass.  From the scenery around the pool, free parking, and free WiFi internet (I think, someone correct me that). 

Also, I would say another reason.  But I think I'll hold back on this one, due to some reasons.  If you guys know me at the cons, and such.  You guys know what it is..

Sorry to use a pic from last year's con, I knew I forgot to do something.  Anyways, this backdrop, the waterfall, caught my eye when I was checking out the hotel's site that the con was using.  If you're a cosplay photoshoot photographer, you wanna try to use this to your advantage.


If you can't find a way to work around the waterfall by the pool for a photoshoot.  There's still other ways of getting something out of this visit in RamenCon.


#2.  The Events

Having traditional con events, like the cosplay contest, the rave, karaoke...etc..  There's 3 events that's worth mentioning that other cons don't have at their cons..

The Half a Pajama party.  This is what replace the Friday night rave.  With more of a kiddy adult feel.  Not too crazy adult theme games like "*censored* toss", and not too kiddy like putting on make up.  It's a bit more nerd core mixed in with jackass.

"The Quest".  The "BIGGEST", most interactive event in main programming.  So you sit in a group of people. and it's a game like "Simon says" relay race, but REALLY F-ed up.  So F-ed up that I don't think I can say it here, that you guys really have to experience it.  Don't freak out, it's all clean. I think..  Soo if you guys like CRAZY stupid clean fun.  This is really the event that's worth going to.

The Chop Stick challenge.  Just how I described it.  You built stuff with ONLY chop sticks and see if you can even complete it.


Due to convention rules.  I couldn't get any pics of what happen inside of the "Half a Pajamas" party.  But I did went outside of the event area just to get a pic of myself of the carnage that was done to me during the event.  There wasn't any alcohol use, I was just being a team sport of the Half a Pajamas party.


The Chop Sticks Challenge may look easy, for people who eats with chop sticks.  But when it comes to building things.  It makes you wanna say.... Fuck this shit! ><


#3. The Staff

I <3 the staff!  This con isn't run by a con chair.  It's run by a family.  Which is cool that mom, dad, the brothers, and Sisters help make this convention run.  From registration, guest relations, running the con and events. 

When they're promoting their con. In my opinion, they did a good job in doing it with a small budget, and simple solution.  FACEBOOK PICTURES!  I think the con chair recognize my ways of how I promote my photography work.  He used the same method that I did by taking pics, and handing out cards of where the pics can be find in Facebook.  Have their friends tag their friend's pics, and it spread like wildfire.

Another thing I like what the staff is doing is showing community love.  Normally, convention staff doesn't really interact with their con goers.  But RamenCon staff hosted events like have a mini "iron man of gaming" video game contest, or a mini golf outing, and I remember last year they had a fireworks show.  So kudos for them for staying in touch with their con-goers.


I think con staff didn't mind me using this area for me to do my "freestyle photoshoot" jam session...


You guys can't forget Ramencon's con goers and cosplayers.  They also contribute towards the fun when there's the need of more fun...


Overall, If you guys need a good con where there's a good place to photoshoot, wanna have a good time, want something different from a con, have one of the best staff that keeps in touch with their con-goers, and really don't want to break your wallet.  RamenCon hands down got my vote.


In closing I'll just post this pic of myself of this location that might look familiar in a movie..  Which happens to be in Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon. This location is near by from the con.  So I stop by there and revisited this scene from this movie...

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