Space Penguin #1-3 + Series 2 Announcement.

Posted on September 25, 2012 - 6:39pm by The Stickman


So, I'm at Uni, mostly settled in and have begun my first proper week of Lectures and whilst it's been difficult to adjust to a completely different lifestyle from the past 19 years of my life, I'm enjoying it for the most part. Whilst I'm not yet ready to discuss my future in terms of Blogging, or if I'll be posting anything new on ScrewAttack at all if I do, I thought I'd bridge the gap by reposting links to the Space Penguin Trilogy, and then discussing my plans for Series 2. M'kay? M'KAY!


Issue #1

Issue #2

Issue #3


Issue #1.5



So you can check all those out if you haven't already, a lot of hard work and enthuiasm went into each Issue so I'd love for them to do as well as possible. So, what's next for everyone's favourite intergalatic Penguin made by me? WELL, s'funny you should ask because whilst I've been silent on ScrewAttack I've been anything but on my Twitter and Tumblr accounts. In fact I've gone so far as to offically announce that Space Penguin will most likely be getting new comics, and soon...but not quite the same as with Issue's #1-3. Let me elaborate first with a teaser poster, and then with...text.

So yes! I've got an all new Space Penguiney adventure in the works as we speak, what's different you ask? Well instead of releasing it as one 5-8 page comic every couple of months, I will instead be making it into a webcomic of sorts, releasing a 6 panel strip at a frequency of which I have yet to decide, it will most likely be around the same 8 page of 12 panel length as the last Issue, but you'll just get it in half pagely installments rather than one proper Issue. Why is this you ask? Well, basically because I've got other shit to do right now, much as I'd like to devote all my time to doing mediocre toons, I've got Uni work to do which will always take precedent. That said, I can't let Space Penguin die which is why I'm continuing it in the way that's most likely to happen.


Now comes the rather prickly issue of just where will this new style of comic be posted? Well...that's difficult because I'm still in a phase of contemplation over where I will be posting things in the future and with it being a more frequent, shorter style of Comic making I'm hestitant about posting it on ScrewAttack even if I am still posting here. That is to say I wouldn't post it straight away, instead waiting until I've finished the story, then compile it together and release it as a full Issue on the site, just at a much later date.


Let me know in the comments what you think of the poster, the change in releasing and the possible delay on ScrewAttack releasing, also, let me know what you think of the series on a whole, because that would be nice, or bad depending on what you think. In the meantime, where can you keep up to date on my progress? WELL you cooooullld...


Follow me on Twitter here.


Follow me on Tumblr here.


Check out my Drunk Duck page for Space Penguin here.


M'kay? I've got nothing to say about the future of my Bloggings just yet, but keep an eye on my Tweeter and also my ScrewAttack wall for such informations.

Later gators!

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