Space Penguin #1 : Zombie Curse on the Planet Spastica.

Posted on May 23, 2012 - 9:22am by The Stickman


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Thanks to MisterBO for Proof Reading.


I don't get it!

  • The Opening 5 Panels are a homage to the opening of Metroid Prime, or at least I thought they were, it turns out that the opening narration was only featured in the PAL release, rendering it completely useless for most of the potential readers. You can check out the narration here and then it'll all make sense!
  • Nando's is a chain of restaurants that specialise in Chicken.
  • Space Penguin's zombie stamping could be seen as reference to Drive, a film I am most fond off, it was however, unintentional.
  • The "evil residents" line is a rather unsubtle reference to Resident Evil. Deal with it.
  • "You've got red on you" is a famous quote from cult "zomcom" Shaun of the Dead.


The Cutting Room Floor.

  • The narrator was originally going to be revealed as Morgan Freeman, both a joke at his frequent narrating, as well as a more subtle nod towards "March of the Penguins" a documentary he narrated. Unfortunetly, due to the opening page being used mainly as an introduction to Space Penguin, I had to scrap it due to size constraints.
  • Space Penguin was originally going to end up inside one of the buildings, but since the dish was on the roof I felt it would make more sense for him to climb up there.
  • At one stage Space Penguin was going to come across a Cricket Bat, the weapon of choice from Shaun of the Dead, only he would use it to barricade a door, a rather trolling joke about peoples love of movie references. This was scrapped at the same time as the indoors scenes.
  • Cut early on was the idea of coming across a group of survivors, which would be a parody of The Walking Dead complete with constant ethical dilemas and a stupid mother and child. This felt a bit forced to me, so I scrapped the idea.
  • The Lizard Gimps were going to make their debut in this issue at one stage, but I decided to cut them out and give them a more fitting introduction in the next issue. There was no need for them to be there anyway.
  • In relation to Space Penguins hunger, I had three possible conclusions, the first would of been that after seeing the gore and death everywhere, he'd of lost his appetite, the second would of been that they offered him a free meal at McDonalds, which he then declined, and the final possible ending would have been an offer of a free meal at their new Shopping "Mall", an obvious nod to Dawn of the Dead. In the end I felt that ones hunger tends to dissapate whilst in terrible danger, and it also leaves it open to continuation in the next issue.

That's it for Space Penguin until at least a little while after E3, let me know what you think in the comments below, spread the blog around to your fellow g1's if you liked it, this was a big undertaking and I'd like for it to get a decent reception.


I hope you enjoyed! For updates on the progress of Issue #2, you can follow me on Twitter right here.


Later gators!

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