Space Penguin #1.5 + Space Penguin #3 Banner!

Posted on August 4, 2012 - 2:43pm by The Stickman


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 Space Penguin #1

Space Penguin #2


NOTE : Apologies for the small text in some panels, this was an oversight of mine, forgetting that the image would end up being too large in the end for full resolution uploading.



So, just over a month ago I called out for some g1's to take part in a fun little idea I had, basically I want to do a short prequel comic to Space Penguin #2 but I wanted the g1's to take part, each g1 would do a panel and we'd tell the story of how Space Penguin cleaned the blood off of himself from Issue #1 to #2...I knew it wasn't going to be easy but...oh boy, was this a bitch to get finished. It took a lot of nagging and hair pulling to salvage it in the end, and it didn't make its planned debut before #2 as I'd hoped, but what we've got in the end, whilst missing the initial point of the Comic entirely it's, and shows the different styles of the g1's who took part, who are now all Honourary Gimps for their efforts. even if I wanted to throttle them sometimes. Still, thanks to all who took part, your names are up above and on the comic, just don't expect another one of these any time soon because...bloody hell did it take longer than I'd anticipated!


Now, next up is something I've been holding onto for a good long while now, I've been waiting to post it with #1.5 so it didn't seem like too small a blog post, I present to you, your first, early look at Space Penguin #3 : Oh No! The President is a Bitch! in the form of this concept art/poster banner that I do love so very much. Very proud of it.



Now, do bare in mind that this is early concept art and the final comic may differ from what is shown here, in fact I removed at lesat one element of the comic in order to avoid spoiling it. But there will be a fight near the White House, and shit will get real.


I'll take this chance as well to state that work on the comic has offically begun as of last night, how long will it take me? I'm not sure, but probably a while, it's the biggest and probably longest Issue yet, but hopefully it'll be worth the work, and the wait.


Let me know what you think of #1.5, the #3 Banner and Space Penguin in general in the comments below! I know it sounds selfish, but your kind words over #1 and #2 have really spurred me on, it's a lot of work but you guys make it worth all the time and effort. Your enthusiasm for the project has been overwhelming for me, and I'm really pleased as punch to hear that my amature Comic offerings are being enjoyed. So, Space Penguin #3, coming soon! I'll keep you posted on my Wall and on Twitter!


Later gators!

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