Space Penguin #2 : Stop the Moon, I want to get off!

Posted on July 18, 2012 - 10:56am by The Stickman


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Thanks to DarkHyruleLord for Proof Reading.



I don't get it!
  • The Lizards Gimps' cry of "Iron Man?" is obviously a reference to Marvel Comics Superhero, Iron Man. More specifically it's a joke at my expense for blatantly copying a landing pose from the Iron Man films in both Issue #1 and #2, an in-joke if you will.
  • ZOMBO is a company first referenced in Space Penguin #1, they created the Dish that turned the Easily Drawables into Zombies and are clearly responsible for the problem again this time.
  • Adrian is a cameo for DarkHyruleLord, who won the Space Penguin Fan Art competition, his art actually features in the comic, although the real thing lacks Penguin Cock.
  • "Quick, call Link!" is another obvious reference, this time about The Legend of Zelda : Majora's Mask, in which the moon, sporting a similarly divvy face is heading straight for Hyrule, Link managed to stop it in the game,  hence the desire to call him. As it turns out this had a double layered meaning, seeing as DarkHyruleLord is known for being a big Zelda fan.
  • Panel 2 of Page 4 is a recreation of a pose in Tim Burton's original Batman film, although not done very well.
  • "SURE YOU CAN" is a pun-tacular reference to the SHYROUKEN move in Street Fighter.
  • Panels 8 and 9 on Page 5 are a badly drawn homage to Wallace & Gromit, one of my main childhood inspirations, specifically A Grand Day Out, in which the duo go to the moon in search of Cheese, the lines and props are taken directly from the film, the retarded looking Gromit however, is not.
  • "The Stickman LIVE!" is a dig at myself, obviously. 
  • "The Weird Sub-Culture Convention Centre" and "Brony-Con" are irrelevant digs at obsessive fan culture, particularly Bronies, of whom I've had a... colourful relationship with. No idea if Brony-Con is a real thing, if it is, I don't care.
  • Popcorn Chicken is again a reference to KFC and its wonderful produce.
  • SLUSHO is a recurring Easter Egg in films and TV shows produced by JJ Abrams, I just needed to fill space and thought it might be a cool nerdy thing.
  • "ZOBAMACARE", featured in the barely readable newspaper text is a dig at OBAMACARE, a much disputed health care plan in America.


The Cutting Room Floor.
  • DarkHyruleLord had originally requested to look exactly like Ganondorf from The Legend of Zelda, but seeing as he wasn't supposed to be some all powerful creature as much as your average weird nerd, I bargained him down to the hair, darker skin and gloves. Yes, the hair was hard to draw on what is essentially a Ball with sticks for arms and legs, thanks for noticing.
  • There were originally going to be more shots of the Moon in space heading towards Earth, and I do feel it could have benefitted from having them, but there just wasn't enough room without making the comic too long for me to work with.
  • There was originally going to be a fight sequence between Space Penguin and the head Lizard Gimp, but I have a similar sequence planned for Issue #3 so I scrapped it for a sudden disappearance.
  • I'd wanted to make an ADRIAAANNN joke at some point, referencing Rocky and the real name of DarkHyruleLord, but seeing as it wouldn't fit anywhere unless I extended the ending, and I haven't actually seen Rocky, I scrapped it.
  • Space Penguin was originally going to enter the City, but again, seeing as that was going to happen in Issue #3 I decided to not do it twice.


So, that's Space Penguin #2 all wrapped up and done for me, big relief to finally get it out there. Have no fear though, Space Penguin #3 : Oh No! The President is a Bitch! will be coming sooner rather than later, and it really does beg the question...


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Later gators!


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