Space Penguin : Planet of the Were-Toffs #1+2.

Posted on October 13, 2012 - 10:59am by The Stickman


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I don't get it!

  • The "KFC" at the end of the Universe is a reference to the title/location of the Douglas Adams book, "The Restaurant at the end of the Universe".

  • KFC and Popcorn Chicken and a recurring joke throughout all the previous Space Penguin Issues.

  • Krushems are KFC's equivilant of milkshakes, and are basically liquid cake, delicious but most likely heart-attack inducing.

  • The "unnecessarily destructive exit" is an in-joke about how I never seem to have anything exciting on the first page of a Space Penguin comic.

  • The name "Planet Capita" is a reference to "Per Capita", which is the means of describing the amount of wealth distributed per person in an area. See, I'm clever like that.

  • Resident Evil is a gaming franchise you may have heard of.



The Cutting Room Floor.
  • There was originally going to be more "KFC Banter", mainly describing the activities that took place during Space Penguin's holiday, but since I couldn't think of any funny ones, I didn't bother.

  • Also during the "KFC Banter" there was going to be a recap of previous events, but since you can read all of those for free on this very site and it takes like 10 minutes I decided you can do that yourself, you lazy ass.

  • The Mansion originally had 3 Clocktowers, as shown on the poster above, but I decided that this was both pointless and stupid looking, and brought it down to one. Problem?


Right, so in case you didn't notice, things are being done a little differently for Space Penguin Series 2, instead of releasing a story in one multiple-paged package, I've made the decision to pace it out into a web-comic of sorts. Partly because it means I can work on Space Penguin in short bursts between Uni work rather than in one go, partly because, without the self-set Page limit, I don't have to cut as much stuff out.


So when can you expect the new installment? Well, my plan as of now is to release half pages on Tumblr and Drunk Duck on a regular basis, and once I've reached 2 pages worth of comic (So that's 4 installments) I will post it on ScrewAttack along with the "I don't get it!" and "Cutting Room Floor" segments. Why am I posting it on ScrewAttack later, you ask? Well because I believe that posting 6 panels at a time on a blogging site is considered spamming, whereas Tumblr and Drunk Duck are sites designed for posting images or comics like this.  So you have to wait a little while longer for each installment, but you'll be getting the full package with special features each time and if you REALLY can't wait for each one (Not sure why you wouldn't be able to) you can follow me on ScrewAttack, and I'll post a link to my Tumblr blog on my Wall each time I post a new installment. So ya see, EVERYONE WINS. HUZZAH.


So, this is where you guys come in. You like this? You want to see more in the future? Then you gotta support it! Space Penguin is a lot of fun to make, but it's no longer the main focus of my efforts, and will be made inbetween work and lecturing so I really need your support to motivate me and push me to actually get this series finished! Your support was overwhelming for the first 3 issues, and whilst the Views weren't all that great on the #3, overall the feedback from you guys has been great. If you could keep that up, I'd appreciate it oh so much. So read each comic, leave a comment telling me what you think, spread it about, show it to your friends, your mum, your dog, retweet it, like it, +1 it and all that jazz. I'd love to say that this would get featured and I'd get loads of views and comments and it'd be great, but with Space Penguin I don't expect such treatment, mainly due to the content of each comic, so I'm counting on you, the g1's to support it!


Want to help some more? You can follow me on Tumblr, where you will not only get each half-installment before ScrewAttack, but also behind-the-scenes doodles, concept drawings and posters! Want to help EVEN MORE?! Well then you can hop on over to my Drunk Duck page and like Space Penguin and leave me some lovely comments, that would be swell. Don't get me wrong, Space Penguin still has a home on ScrewAttack, I just would appreciate any support I can get on my amature artsings.


Okay? So, leave me a comment letting me know what you think of the comic, check out my other pages and I'll see you next time for more crudely drawn adventures with Space Penguin and Jimupi! Later gators!


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