SPOILERS!? #1 : Best of 2012 (So far).

Posted on July 18, 2012 - 8:00am by The Stickman


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Editor's Note: I don't know if this spoiler warning  is needed (given the blog's premise) but you g1s should know that these guys weren't kidding when they named this blog Spoilers. Seriously, when editing this post, I spoiled some surprises from The Avengers film and Mass Effect 3. So, if these g1s discuss something you haven't played/seen/read, you may want to skip over it. I'm just putting that out there. 


The Stickman : Oh! Hello there g1's, and welcome to the first edition of SPOILERS?! the show where me and a group of g1's discuss the latest in all things nerdy without having to worry about minding what we spoil about the things we talk about! YES! Now, as you may have seen before, I'd previously attempted to make this a show where I have a different group of g1's each episode, but that didn't work out so I've gone and wrangled up 4 of what are apparently some of the best in g1...ness. So before we start, I suppose I should introduce you to "The Gang", first up we have MadHero15 from the land of windmills and clogs, say hello MadHero!


MadHero15 : Sup homies. Hope you'll enjoy me talking about about incredibly irrelevant things. Glad to be here, Sticky.


The Stickman : Fo rizzle, next up we've got the one and only Flapperdoodle who, whilst not coming from Holland has probably inhaled his fair share of weed as well. How goes it Flappers?


Flapperdoodle : Whaddup g1s? Tis I, the gracious and almighty Flapperdoodle, here to join The Stickman and his holly jolly crew to discuss spoiler heavy stuff. It's a pleasure Sticky.


The Stickman : We'll see if you're still saying that by the end of this, hm? Moving on, we've got someone who considers himself such a Guru about things he's a double Guru! It's Guru Guru! Wassup GG?


Guru Guru : What's up guys? I'm just happy to be here with my spoileriffic friends. This is just my style, too, since I love to ruin stuff for people.


JETZ.acx : Are you going to start the party without me?


The Stickman : I'm getting to you JETZ.acx you flow ruining bastard! Just for that you don't get a proper introduction! YEAH, I CAN PLAY SOME REAL HARD BALL WHEN I WANT TO, BITCH! *Ahem* And last, but most certainly not least...it's me, myself, yours truly, The Stickman. Oh yes. I'm wonderful.

So in this first edition we're going to be talking about our Best Movies and Games of 2012 so far, we're just over halfway through the year now so it's a perfect chance to look back on the year's offerings so far, as well as looking forward to what's coming in the future. So, without further adieu, let's kick off with...


Best Movie of 2012 So Far.


The Stickman : Right, well, we're going to move around the table with each person getting there say free of argument, once we've had everyone's choice, we'll then tear the shit out of each other. First up will beeee....let's saaayy...Flapperdoodle, what's been your favourite film of 2012 so far?


Flapperdoodle : Hm... well, I gotta go with the only movie I've given a 10 out of 10 for this year, and that has to be The Avengers.

Call this my comic book nerd leaping out of me, but I could care less. This movie, for me personally, was near perfect. With the five movies of build up, MARVEL just had to do this right, cause if they didn't, there would be some major consequences involved. Those of the egging and bombing persuasion. However, they succeeded with flying colors. Every character got their time to shine, the action and battle scenes were orgasmic and explosive in the way their were choreographed and filmed, and everything just seamless came together. The script was funny, the acting was top-notch, and that Thanos scene after the credits was the perfect way to hype up the next five or so movies they are gonna make. Color my hyped.


The Stickman : Hmm, a popular choice I'd imagine, and one which we'll probably see again in just a moment. Okay, so...MadHero15, what's your Film of choice?


MadHero15 : I hate to be a broken record, but I have to agree with Flaps. So far Avengers is the best film of 2012. Bar none.

I watched the film 3 times. The first time with a huge audience in Imax 3D. While the audience wad ass (turn off your goddamn cellphone), it was one of thr most fun movies I'd seen in theaters.

The second and third time was with friends, and the experience renained amazing. The action is great, the comedy is great, the. Characters are great. It just works so well.

Easily my favorite part of the movie is The Hulk. Hulk is one of my favorite superheroes ever, but he had a rough time in the cinema. Now, he had the most memorable moments in the film (I'm always angry, puny god). So yeah, Avengers


The Stickman : Two for The Avengers so far, who'd of thought on a website full of nerds that a superhero crossover film would be so popular! Let's see if...JETZ.acx continues this trend!


JETZ.acx : Err...how can I keep up a trend when I haven't even been able to watch the Avengers? For a lot of reasons, to be honest - one of them primarily because not a darn theater is close to me and to drive to one would be spending 20 bucks of gas EASY.

And when I *DID* get the chance to watch Avengers, I had to back down and go with Men in Black 3, one because my cousin wasn't willing to watch it, and two its schedule was too late for the time I was given. Sucks to be with someone when going to the movies.

So yeah, I only got MIB3, but I must say that Avengers was HUGE here in PR when it was first released. Everyone was giving top recommendations and I was trying real hard not to get spoiled with all the Facebook and Twitter feeds. I don't know what would be my opinion about the movie, but I do enjoy Marvel movies a lot. They sure know how to make some quality movies lately, which makes me eager for Amazing Spider-Man this week.


The Stickman : MEN IN BLACK THRE-No...nope...gotta wait until we're all done...hopefully Guru Guru can set our groove train back on track, what's your pick GG?


Guru Guru : Well obviously, I'd have to go with the greatest movie of the year...Moonrise Kingdom.

Hold your tomatoes.

While I loved the Avengers, like Flappy and MadHero, I have to give it to this quirky movie. Moonrise Kingdom is a very strange movie about two misfit kids who run away together because they don't fit in. In fact, they're a bit crazy. But its both delightfully funny, and with an all-star cast of Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, and some other people I don't care about, witty humor, an amazing music score, and a story that will tug at your heartstrings and make you laugh at the same time, it's a very great film.

Oh, and speaking of fanboyism, Avengers, great job. Journey 2: Mysterious Island, you sucked. I don't want The Rock in a movie about a Jules Verne novel. Nuff said.


JETZ.acx : May I drop my two cents here before MadHero talks, who in the blue hell gave the idea to Hasbro to pull a Transformers on BATTLESHIP of all things? That movie already speaks BOMB (no pun intended) without even needing to watch it.


The Stickman : Didn't see that coming, aight...my turn!

My choice is Prometheus, a film that has gained polarised opinions from both critics and movie-goers alike, but I thought it was fantastic. First and foremost it's a visually stunning film both in terms of CGI and actual art direction, it's got a cast of interesting characters and an intriguing premise that whilst not quite living up to the goal it set out for itself certainly pulls you in. It's a classy, well made and intelligent Sci-Fi thriller, something that's rare for mainstream cinema these days and whilst it's not the Alien film some people had hoped for, it's certainly the best film I've seen this year. Also, dat Cesarean scene! Hot damn that was mental!


Okay, so it's time to cross-examine each other, I'll kick things off...JETZ, what the hell has your cinema going year been like if Men in Black 3 has been the best thing you've seen? JEEZUZ CHRIST MAN.


JETZ.acx : Well EXCUSE ME Stick but remember what I said: I don't have a theater close to me, and God forbid me to go pirate on some of them. Besides, it was either Men in Black or The Three Stoogies, and I was NOT going to sign up to that.

I don't have a job, and I literally live in a jungle with no one to live. Do I look like a sore loser? Go ahead, laugh at me. Besides, what's wrong with MIB3? You can't go wrong with Will Smith and good ol' alien ass-kicking...bah.


The Stickman : I don't have a job either but you don't see me not seeing awesome things! To hell with your stupid Cousin! You should of watched The Avengers, bitch!

Anyway...yep...anyone else got anything to say about you guy'ses choices?


Guru Guru : Why do we have three different Hulk movies (yes, the Avengers counts) with three different actors? Bring back good ol' Lou Ferigno and we'll be good to go.


The Stickman : The first Hulk film is unrelated to the Avengers films, the second one was meant to set Edward Norton as the Hulk for The Avengers, but he had a falling out with Marvel over directing rights for the film and they had to replace him with the much better Mark Ruffalo.


Guru Guru : Yeah, I agree Mark Ruffalo was better. But still, that stuff gets on my nerves. Plus, the first Hulk movie sucked. I'm glad they did it justice with the 2008 film and the Avengers.


The Stickman : The 2008 film was okay, but the weakest of the Avengers films.

Is that it for Film related arguings?


JETZ.acx : Nothing on my side.


Guru Guru : And Hawkeye was a bit of a douche. And that's it.


MadHero15 : When I heard that Edward Norton was going to be replaced, I was kind of bummed. Norton is one of my favorite actors out there, and I loved his interpetation of the Hulk. It very much captured the Bixby version of the character.

That said, Mark Rufallo was absolutely fantastic. I think its mainly because he has a lot to play of of, but he also seems like Bixby, but better. He has this constant sarcastic wit to him, and he's a really nice guy, despite carrying such a huge burden. A burden he obviously understands and fears. I really liked his portrayal, and hope to see more of him in the new Hulk film

Also, to Guru, considering Hawkeye spent most of the film possessed by Loki, he didn't have a lot of time to establish himself as a non-douche. I thought he was a badass.

And yeah, now I'm done with the movie films


Flapperdoodle : As for Ruffalo, yes, he was incredible. Not only did he master being Hulk himself, but he more so mastered the role of Bruce Banner himself. It was a joy to see the Hulk played to near perfection.

But yeah, I'm done.


Guru Guru : And touché, my mad, heroic friend.


The Stickman : Alright, we're all done with film then. We shall move onto the reason why we're all here on this site in the first place, video games!



Best Video Games of 2012 So Far.


The Stickman : Now, there have been a lot of highly, or long anticipated releases this year so far with more still to come. But what has been your favourite so far...Guru Guru?


Guru Guru : Um...I won't lie. I've been a bit tight on money lately, and haven't been able to play many of this years' games. However, from what I have seen so far, Pokemon Conquest is probably the best this year.

You're basically a Japanese Warlord going around fighting other warlords...with Pokemon. You can't get much better than that. It's the weirdest crossover (the worlords are from the Nobunga series, which I know nothing about) ever, but hey, it works beautifully.


The Stickman : Hmm, I'll be asking you more about that game once we've gone around the table. I wasn't expecting that one to show up, JETZ, are you going to similarly surprise me?


JETZ.acx : I could say Xenoblade Chronicles, but you European dudes got it first so we're stuck with choosing other games here and there. Since I can't talk much about AAA games (mostly because I don't own a 360/PS3 and lack a proper income of money), I can talk about free-to-play games. Like Tribes: Ascend.

I was pleasantly surprised by how that game plays, even if I'm still getting used to its gameplay style. I haven't been able to get a decent score and need to play more of it, but dude, you got guns and jetpacks plus you get to skid all over the place while pwning foes. How more awesome can that be?


The Stickman : Never heard of it! That means you're wrong to like it! Or not, whatever you want. What's been your favourite game Maddy? By Maddy I mean MadHero.


MadHero15 : This year has been strange for me in a gaming sense. A lot of the games I wanted have mostly been pushed back to 2013. Anarchy Reigns, Metal Gear Rising, DmC, and most damningly of them all: Bioshock Infinite.

Because of that, I've been focusing on a bunch of older games. The games I got from this year are Mass Effect 3, Last Story, and Kid Icarus Uprising.

Of those, Mass Effect 3 wins.

Everything felt right about it (up to that certain point). The combat was fantastic, the story really cool., and some big conequences which made a bunch of characters bite the dust (WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DIE, MORDIN?! WHY?!?!?!?!). I enjoyed Mass Effect 3 immensely, up until that ending, which while it isn't the spawn of Satan as so many claim, is incredibly rushed, doesn't factor in any of your previous choices, and is simply unsatisying. I've heard that the Extended Cut fixes the ending immensely. Problem. is, I don't have online on my Xbox :(


The Stickman : Mass Effect? You displease me MadHero. Alright Flappers, can you salvage this for me, or do I have to kill you all? What's your favourite game of 2012 so far?


Flapperdoodle : Honestly Stickman, there hasn't been many AAA games I can consider the best of the year contenders. The only ones I can think of at the top of my head that did impress me were ME3, Asura's Wrath, Dragon's Dogma, and Street Fighter X Tekken. But my favorite games of the year have been indie games. Legend of Grimrock, Skullgirls, Shank 2... I mean, all of them have been phenomenal. The only one I can consider truly the BEST is Fez.

Fez was such a revelation. It had wonderful platforming, that kept me moving through the game and kept me invested. The graphics are colorful, cutesy, yet mesmerizing. There were so many bright colors and the 2D to 3D graphics were so seamless and well made that it felt like a true AAA game, which all indie games should strive for. It had a fulfilling length, the gameplay was fun, and the overall atmosphere of the game kept it awesome, exciting, and it oozed of a well made mechanic. A very well done game. I'm just hoping October, November, and December brings something better.


The Stickman : Huh...well...that's funny Flappers, and you'll soon see why. Now for my choice.

It's been a funny start to the year gaming wise, there have been a lot of titles I've been interested in but so far I've only played two AAA new games (Resident Evil Revelations and Max Payne 3), with the rest of the ones I've wanted to play either turning out disappointing, being delayed to later in the year, or being delayed to 2013. So, amazingly enough I'm going to agree with Flappers and say that Fez has been the best game I've played so far this year.

I don't know...there's just something...mesmerizing about it, it's such a unique, enjoyable experience particularly in the visual and audio department. The 2D/3D mechanic is great fun and makes for a lot of interesting puzzles as well. It's not perfect, some of the puzzles and secrets in the game are just too stupidly hard to achieve without using the internet but the whole game is a deeply memorable, hypnotic and one of a kind experience. It's great, and the soundtrack is incredible.


Right, so there's all our gaming choices. The floor is open for you guys to go batshit, or discuss things as it were.


Flapperdoodle : Psh, I don't find it SURPRISING you agree with me. My opinion is infectious and potent.

I also just wanna say, I did think Mass Effect 3 was a great game, but it had flaws. I think Fez was better in all honesty.


MadHero15 : To Guru : Interesting choice. I've been a big Pokemon fan all my life, but I'm not a huge fan of strategy RPG's. Would you still recommend this game to me.

To Flaps and Sticky : Since this all about spoiling things, what were your thoughts of the several endings you could get. I've heard they're quite trippy.

I've only played a demo of Fez, but what I played showed a incredible amount of promise. Its a game I want to get as soon as I have online on my Xbox, or when it makes its appearance in the next Humble Indie Bundle


The Stickman : That's the question I wanted to ask as well Guru.

There are two possible endings in Fez, both are trippy, both don't make any sense but are still awesome.

The best one, however, is the standard one, the one you get for just making it to the end of the game rather than 100%'ing it (Which isn't possible the first go around). It's basically 7 minutes of shapes and patterns...and it's...so...hypnotizing. It's wonderful.


MadHero15 : So its kind of like 2001: aSpace Odyssey? I am intrigued. I really want to play it. Curse you no internet Xbox, curse you!


Flapperdoodle : I like both endings, mainly because of what Sticky said, they are so strangely captivating, it's incredible... I swear I was not the same after seeing that ending... at least my eyes weren't.


JETZ.acx : Damn, Fez is just wonderful even to watch, and I haven't even manage to play it (no 360, no Fez  for me :/). That's one of those games that restore my faith with the console, even if it's just a downloadable game.


The Stickman : Fez is indeed wonderful stuff. I particularly like the retro worlds and the glitch world, as well as the graveyard...and waterfall...and...well I could go on and on.


Flapperdoodle : Fez showed me that... honesty... some indie games can be better than the triple A titles. How long is it gonna take for these indie publishers to become part of third and first party creative teams. HOW LONG?


MadHero15 : I don't know, but if Microsoft is snart, they get Polytron to make their games exclusively on their console(s) One reason they probably don't do it is because Fez took a long time to be made, and I'm not sure just how the team (or just Phil Fish) can cope with deadlines.


Guru Guru : I've seen Fez, and even though I haven't played it yet, I can tell it'd be right up my alley. As for the Stickster and Madhero, I would recommend this game. It's weird for a Pokemon  game, but it just goes to show, you can slap Pikachu's face on anything and sell it. Even Pop-Tarts. You guys ever eat Pokemon Pop-Tarts? F*cking amazing.


The Stickman : Do they taste like Pikachu? What me and MadHero wanted to know is if it's enjoyable to people who don't like strategy games like that.


Flapperdoodle : Pikachu Pop Tarts? Must taste electrifying...


Guru Guru : It's simple enough for kids to play it, and it gets kind of addicting,wanting to take over---I mean, bring peace to the world. It wasn't exactly my metaphorical cup of tea at first either, but still, it's a great game.


The Stickman : Interesting...interesting...okay, well does anyone have anything else they wish to discuss?


JETZ.acx : Not on my side.


Flapperdoodle : I may play Pokemon Conquest. Looks intriguing. Now I'm done. :]


The Stickman : Okeeey dokeeey. I'll just take a cheap shot at MadHero since he isn't here, YOU SUUUUUUCK! And then we'll move on.


Best Overall Thing of 2012 So Far.


The Stickman : So, we've had your favourite movies, and your favourite games...now it's time to reveal your overall favourite thing/product of 2012 so far. Obviously it can be the Movie or Game you listed, but it could also be a TV Show, an Album, a Comic...shit like that y'know? First up...we'll have...JETZ, go!


JETZ.acx : Favorite thing in 2012 so far...darn, that's a toughie. But you know what? I think my favorite overall thing was simply getting  Xenoblade Chronicles here in North America.


I don't know what amount of powers Operation Rainfall made to get this game (and soon The Last Story) here in the States, but regardless the reason I'm just happy it's in my hands right now. I do admit I'm not doing a fine job playing the game myself (I barely scratched the first part of the game), but if the rumors are true, I think we should give credit to GameStop for convincing Nintendo to get it here and make us buy it legitimately. That's my favorite "thing" of 2012 so far.


The Stickman : I question the usefulness of Internet whining and petitions myself, but there you go. What about you Guru?


Guru Guru : Well, obviously, the biggest news of nerd culture would be my pick. Bill and Ted 3's script is finished, and we can expect the movie to be out by year's end!

*whisper whisper*


Well, now that that's been debunked, I'd have to say that my favorite product of the year so far is probably anything that Marvel has made.

I mean, between their giant blockbuster films that have came out this year, and the incredible writing in some of their fantastic series this year, I'm impressed. Especially with the "Dead" story arc in the Deadpool series. Daniel Way knows how to really mess with people, man.

Oh, and did I mention they brought back THE SCARLET SPIDER!?! Respect earned, Marvel. Now if only DC could get their act together....stupid Superman...with jeans....


The Stickman : It has indeed been a good year for Marvel, how about you then Flaps?


Flapperdoodle : I actually don't think a GAME has been the best, nor a MOVIE or a SHOW. What I am really enjoying is this new idea that has been flowing around called "Kickstarter".

I love this idea of finally letting fans put their money where their mouth is. We've had so much restraint in what games can be made or what things can be made due to financial struggle. But now, if we wanna show true support, we can. Sure, some fans say they want stuff. But you can only back that up unless you support it, and Kickstarter is finally that one thing that allows people to see just how much a fanbase can affect a project. It's wonderful, and easily my favorite thing about 2012. Definitely one of the better trends we've had this year.


The Stickman : It's not without its downsides but, yep, I can see what you mean. MadHero, are you going to be similarly interesting?


MadHero15 : Debut of Space Penguin!!!

Actually no, but that is a good one. I'm not really sure what my pick is. I think I have to go with the Avengers, not for the movie itself, but for what it represents.

Comic books, continuity, and crossovers go together really well in book firm, but everyone thought it would be impossible on a movie scale. Marvel proved us all wrong

Under some massive hirdles (having no movie rights of some of their most popular characters) they created a crossover of Herculean proportions, and it worked. And it worked, that's the real kicker.

Marvel changed the face of the industry, and its going to be hard looking back. I wouldn't be in Warner Bros' shoes right now, because they got trumped badly.

So yeah, Avengers. Not as great of a pick as the rest of you guys, but good enough


The Stickman : You lose marks for it not being Space Penguin. Or at least you would if we were marking this.

Now, personally no singular film or game so far this year has been so truly amazing that it's earned the title of "Best Thing", so I'm instead going for Movies in general, because the past 6 months have had a ton of whoppers for me personally.

First we've had the big films, the blockbusters titles we've all been waiting for, firstly and most obviously The Avengers, which was truly spectacular, then we had Prometheus, my most anticipated film of the year and that was great as well, and just this week we had The Amazing Spider-Man which, whilst the weakest of the three mentioned was also...urr...Amazing. DOHOHOTHATPUNHASN'TBEENOVERUSEDINTHEPASTWEEKATALLNOPE!

But then we had the smaller films that I was still looking forward to, The Woman in Black was brilliant, as was Aardman's newest work, The Pirates. Even past that we had two sleeper hits in the form of The Grey and Chronicle, both films that were completely under the radar but turned out amazing. With The Dark Knight Rises, The Hobbit and James Bond later in the year you could argue the best is yet to come, but as a massive film nerd, the start of 2012 has been a great one for me.

Okay, the floor's now open for discussions, anyone got anything to say to each other?


Flapperdoodle : Yeah, I really liked Pirates! Band of Misfits too. I wish it did better at the box office though.


MadHero15 : Flaps, I love your inclusion of Kickstarter. This year, the thing has truly taken off and has caused games to happen that we otherwise woild most likely never see (Republique, Double Fine Adventure, Wasteland 2). It's of course very open for abuse, but so far its a really cool way to get the public involved.

To Stickman : This year has been a awesome movie year, but I think it has slowed down a bit. Now that Spider-Man is out, all people arw waiting for Batman, but there doesn't seem a whole lot else in between ot after. Skyfall and Hobbit are looking like they'll be the bee's knees though


The Stickman :

To Flaps : Well, firstly, it's proper name is The Pirates! In An Adventure with Scientists, but it was renamed for American audiences. And secondly, whilst it would of been nice for it to make a ton of money, you can't expect every film to make billions, especially a stop-motion British film, it more than doubled its budget in Box Office takings, so that's something to be happy about.

To MadHero : Well that's what sleeper hits are for MadHero, I don't think I'd of been saying I was excited for Drive at this time last year, and look at me and it now.


Flapperdoodle : Yes, I agree. I am just happy I saw it, because I did think it was a beautifully animated and very funny movie. As for MadHero, thanks, I think it was worth mentioning.


MadHero15 : There's always that one movie that will surprise you. If it will be something as spectacular as Drive, I'm not sure. Maybe Gangster Squad or Lawless, but we'll have to wait and see for those sleeper hits


The Stickman :  I get the feeling Gangster Squad will be one of those films whose trailer was better than the film itself...but we're getting ahead of ourselves Topic wise. Anything else to talk about in the Best Thing category?


MadHero15 : I've got nothing. That Operation Rainfall (partially) suceeded is awesome, Marvel is Awesome, Kickstarter is awesome, Avengers is awesomes, and 2012 movies are awesome. Everything's awesome

So no, Nothing to add


JETZ.acx : Nothing to add, really.


The Stickman : Guru? Anything you wish to add before we move onto our final Topic?


Guru Guru : Nope. Everything was awesome. 'Nuff said.


Flapperdoodle : Yeah, I think I'm good.


The Stickman : ALRIGHT! So! Let's move onto our final Topic of this Episode, and that is, of course, what are we most looking forward to for the rest of the year?


Most Anticipated of Late 2012.


The Stickman : Let's give 1 film and 1 game each guys, and we'll start with Guru Guru since, why not.


Guru Guru : Film? BILL AND TED---oh wait. Well, I guess I'm looking forward to The Dark Knight Rises,

and I really hope that they don't frick up Bane this time (stupid...Batman and Robin...).

As for the game I'm looking forward to the most, Paper Mario: Sticker Star is my choice. I love the Paper Mario series, and I'm also happy I can dust off my 3DS and play some Paper Mario on the go. Luigi's Mansion 2: Dark Moon is a close second, though.


The Stickman : I'm not sure it's even possible to compare Batman and Robin to The Dark Knight Rises...yet. How about you Madhero?


MadHero15 : I hate to be a broken record, but my Most Anticipated Film by far is Dark Knight Rises.

I've had my doubts, The third in a trilogy is almost always the worst, and just how the hell are they going to top The Dark Knight. I am prepared for it not being lightning in a bottle like that film, but I'm still expecting a great film. IN NOLAN I TRUST!!

As for Most Anticipated Game, that's a bit more diffucult. While I'm excited for the new Pokemon game, Dishonored, AC 3, and am stoked for Borderlands 2, I have to surprisingly go with Castlevania: Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate.

Its been too long since we've gotten a 2D Castllevania, and while it had its probleems, I enjoyed Lords of Shadow, especially its sucker punch of a ending. Combining that game's style with 2D makes me really excited, and I hope it turns out great


The Stickman : Sooo, you like to play Castlevania? What about you Flappers?


Flapperdoodle : Hm.... most anticipated? That is a tough one. I'll split it into categories. As for movies, The Dark Knight Rises is a biggy, but The Hobbit is also one that looks amazingly cool, and let's not forget about Django Unchained. Plus, I am also looking forward to some of the animated films announced like ParaNorman, Frankenweenie, Wreck-it-Ralph, and surprisingly enough, Rise of the Guardians. It did seem odd at first, but thankfully the newest trailer has made it look epic.

But easily the most anticipated thing for me is Paper Mario : Sticker Star on the 3DS. Sure, I am looking forward to trying out Epic Mickey 2, New Super Mario Bros. 2, and Castlevania, but Paper Mario: Sticker Star blew me away when it came to the E3 demos. It is gonna be a lot of fun, I can tell. So yeah, Paper Mario. Sold.


The Stickman : I asked for two, you gave me 9, meet me out back after the show for a mandatory beating. And you, Jetz?


JETZ.acx : Dark Knight Rises, Assassins Creed 3. If you want me to be less generic, I am deeply sorry, but at least I gave you two.


The Stickman : Well well well! SOMEBODY is being lazy with their replies! HMMM! Flappy may have given me a thousand choices but at least he wrote more than a sentence!

And myself? Well it's The Dark Knight Rises for film, obviously.

If that isn't the best film I see this year I'm going to be very disappointed, after The Dark Knight and Inception Nolan has a lot to live up too, and so far, it seems like he's going to deliver yet again. Seeing as that film is only weeks away, I'll give you another, less obvious choice. Providing it actually comes out this year, Only God Forgives, the next film by Nicolas Winding Refn which once again stars Ryan "The Ultimate Man Crush" Gosling. Giving that it's set in Bangkok and is a revenge thriller...it should be spectacular at least on a visual level, and providing it doesn't try to replicate the same feel as Drive it could be another cult hit.

For Video Games, it's been hard this year since a lot of big titles I was looking forward to like Colonial Marines, Tomb Raider and BioShock Infinite have been delayed into 2013 (At the least, considering all those titles have been delayed a stupidly large amount of times) So, my pick for most anticipated game is Resident Evil 6.

I'm a big Resi fan, I loved RE5, and this looks set to correct every fault in 5 and add a whole lot more awesome.

Table's open to debates now, anyone?


MadHero15 : Digging the fact that both Guru, myself, and Flaps picked 3Ds titles as their most anticipated games. Shows just what kind of awesome stuff is coming on that system. I think Resi 6 looks fun in that silly kind of way, but its not a game I'm overly hyped for

No surprise in the Dark Knight love from everyone. Nolan has truly created a excellent Batman series. Just a shame that it will all be rebooted soon


The Stickman : I really don't get why people think Resident Evil 6 is silly looking, and yet RE1&2 are considered scary...what? Why? Nostalgia guys, it's a dangerous drug indeed.

I honestly don't believe that the Batman films will be rebooted straight away, I think they're going to wait a good while, maybe as much as a decade before starting again, but that's just me. I'd love to see a Batman series that's dark and serious but also brings across the gothic, artistic style of the comics/animated series.


JETZ.acx : Not a big RE fan here. I played a bit of RE4 but I'm just not into horror games myself. With that said, I do know that RE5 left a mixed feeling towards fans, and knowing that RE6 is bringing back co-op gameplay makes me a bit uneasy. *shrugs*

And I agree Stickman, I want a Batman movie that takes what the animated series established and kick it up a notch. I just want Harley Quinn on the big screen, with or without Joker. (Though I must admit that Quinn without Mr. J is just rude.)


Flapperdoodle : Meh. The only RE game I truly love is RE4 on the Wii. Loved the hell out of it.

As for the Batman reboot, I could see it being a few years, but a DECADE? That's a bit of a stretch. Considering Warner Bros. wants to make a Justice League movie... and fast so they can make what The Avengers made, I can assume something is being conceived right now, however I'd give it at least 3-5 years. I wanna see how Man of Steel and Green Lantern 2 do first.


The Stickman : If a Justice League movie is being planed, they'll need to have movies introducing other characters as well, which would surely mean they wouldn't have to make a Batman reboot so so soon after TDKR?


JETZ.acx : And considering that they shut down that Wonder Woman TV Series (which forgoing whatever criticism had on what was shown, I did think it looked promising), how are they going to establish the third pillar of the DC Universe superheroes? Who knows, maybe they'll salvage it and make it an live-action movie instead. But that's anyone's guess right now. I think they should take baby steps first by bringing both Superman and Batman together first, then introduce the Justice League in a later movie.


The Stickman : That Wonder Woman series looked AWFUL. I think for Live Action Superhero TV shenanigans, your best bet will be Arrow when it starts later this year.

Okay...anything else to say or are we ready to wrap this show up?


MadHero15 : I got nothing


The Stickman : Guru? Last chance before we wrap things up.


Flapperdoodle : Wait, just a quick response. I did see the Wonder Woman show. It was awful. Trust me, they shouldn't make a Wonder Woman movie off of that basis, but they should still try to make the movie. With Green Lantern 2 looking to keep the franchise faithful to the main keynotes of the comics, and with Man of Steel looking alright, I'm sure an Aquaman, Hawkman, and Martian Manhunter movie can't be far behind. The Batman reboot is only considered to be one of the first because... well... it's Batman.

And also, I am NOT in favor of Arrow.

It looks like it is taking its source material and making it way too dark and way too eery for its own good. The Green Arrow is not a hero to turn into The Dark Knight, he's a wise-cracking, adventurous, and quick-witted. Not dark, emotionally devastated, and serious as f*ck. Sorry, just had to mention that.


The Stickman : I've heard nothing but good things about Arrow, whether or not it's faithful to the source material is another thing entirely. I wouldn't be watching it if it were like Smallville, that's for sure.

Right...well, Guru seems to be in bed or having an orgy or something, shall we finish things up?


Guru Guru : Oh, one quick note. Warner Bros. is really only successful at making Batman films. Really, Superman Returns was OKAY at best (although the plot was VERY bad. Oh, the kid's his? I didn't see THAT coming), and the Green Lantern movie was a step in the right direction, which I commend it's great following of GL canon, but even so, they choose to only play it safe and stick with it's two big guns: Batman and Superman. And if Batman: The Brave and the Bold can't stay on the air, then I don't know what to believe about Warner Bros. anymore...*sniff*

Oh, and two more things. They DID make a freaking awesome Justice League movie. It's called "Justice League: The New Frontier". Check it out. And I completely agree with Flaps. Oliver Queen is a very unserious character (except when you piss him off and destroy Star City). Unless this series is going to be about his son, Conner Hawke, I think this is a very stupid move on Warner Bros. part.

Oh, but could we maybe get a series about the old, crotchety, badass Green Arrow, who's only got one arm and shoots arrows with his teeth, I might add, from Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns? Would that be too much to ask for?

Okay, Now I'm done.


The Stickman : Okay doke, well, that'll just about do it for this, first, tester episode of SPOILERS!?, let us know what you guys think in the comments below, if you like it, support it, spread it about and all that shit. Time to say your goodbyes, gang!


Flapperdoodle : Bye g1s! See ya at my gaming blog!


Guru Guru : Hope you enjoyed our ramblings! Oh, yeah, and check out my blog, too...


JETZ.acx : This was certainly fun. We need to do this more often, perhaps once a month.

And no, this doesn't mean g1 Features, Flaps. Stickman has already stated he wants to work his own projects on his own account, so don't pressure him.


Flapperdoodle : Don't worry, I am aware that this is not for g1 Features. Don't worry JETZ.


MadHero15 : Goodbye everybody!! Hope to do this again!

O, and Guru, Green Lantern sucked. Deal with it :P


The Stickman : Ur...yes...so..anyway, thanks to everyone who took part, give us your feedback, and we'll see where things go from there, hm? Alright, later gators!



Which of us had the best Argument/Choices? Vote The Stickman, Flapperdoodle, JETZ.acx, MadHero15 or Guru Guru in the comments below!


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