=SPOILERS= ME3 Tali Unmasked

Posted on March 6, 2012 - 11:46pm by Ataeru



Stop reading if you don't want to be spoiled! if you want to see, or already seen it, then keep on reading.


Now that we got the warning out the way, here is the scene where you get to see Tali unmasked.


Now, I don't know about you guys, but the picture seams kinda off like her arm looks...  photo shopped poorly...  speaking of which, here is what I found online. (thanks to the guy who made this comparison pic)

Sure it's a royalty free picture, so they can use it. But why? It doesn't make sense. I mean sure, it's basically shopping a human, that's obvious, but there are some facts that don't make sense. Pollen, germs, virus, bugs, etc in the outdoors environment are possibly harmful for Quarians, so why would she be out there? Her hair is long, despite being in a suit for all her life, wouldn't her hair logically  be much shorter or non-existent? Sure you can't see her pupils, but where is the luminescent ringed eyes that pierce through the mask? And like I said before, her arm looks photo shopped poorly, and normally her fingers would be wider.

Call me nit picking the picture, but I really think it was just lazily contradicting the Mass Effect universe. I mean look at this fan creation.

Sure it's almost human, but it fits the Quarian species characteristics. Pale skin due to lack of exposure, Check. Noticeable luminescent eyes, Check. Short hair due to helmet, Check.

In all honesty given how people liked Tali in the previous games, hiding her face all this time. Having the only way to show her face is to not go for her, but side with the geth in which she suicides,  then give the player a poorly photo shopped pic bioware found off of google search?

Look, I'm not judging the entire game here, and I'm bound to get some guys call me a something similar to a "sonic/megaman" fan boy because I'm nic picking details on the character, but I really think the Tali pic is just a slap in the face for Mass Effect and Tali fans.


Comparing and ranting aside. like her look in the pic? Tell me what you think.

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