Spraying Windex in the wind

Posted on March 25, 2012 - 9:00pm by Roocrow


 You wanted more intern stories. Here's one of more recent adventures at the headquaters. I washed the windows on a windy day.

 I came in on a day that I normally do not come in. Monday was my other working day due to the fact that I was going to be at a concert on Wednesday. Monday is a weird day to be at the office because there are specific things that need to get done only on Mondays.  Sidescrollers takes up most of the day and that does not leave me with a lot of time to work on my current assignments.

So, when Sidescrollers started to be recorded, I was displaced into a different office. I was left with not much to do and a lot of time to do it. I began to look for the usual dose of viral videos. After lunch, I was still scott free so Craig caught me. We all know the mantra "WE DON'T TAKE BREAKS!" Let me tell you, it's pretty true.

Craig mentions that he had a job saved up for another intern but since I wasn't really doing anything important, he was wondering if I would wipe down the windows of the HQ. I agreed, interns can't really say no. Right?

Well, that day was a particularly windy day. Some storms were moving in, and there was a patch of rain here and there. I don't know about you, but washing windows in high wind is nothing short of a pain in the ass. 

Why is that?

Funny thing about windex, when you spray it in the wind, it tries to blow back in your face. I found myself washing huge windows with windex lining my lungs. The outside of the windows were caked with dirt and dust. It took at least two coats of spray and a thorough wipe down just to get the dirt off, let alone fix the streaks that came after. I made black handprint shapes in the papertowels who were put to good use against the dirt on the windows.

Another thing about window washing: it is good to do it in teams. The reason being is that it is hard to see the streaks on the glass unless you are on the other side of it. Let's face it, I was a one woman team and these windows are taller than I am. I was pretty much doomed as soon as I started this quest.

Papertowels and the papertowel roll had a hard time keeping put at the wind whiped me around. The Windex was drying  faster than I could wipe it down, leaving streaks as far as the eye can see. I was just lucky that it didn't start raining while I was out there.

This whole time as I'm struggling to clean windows, I'm thinking to myself "Why did I have to come today? Shawntern could be doing this. Ugh..."

When I moved to clean the interior of the windows, Chad and Sam began to joke about putting their face on the windows. I was hoping they were just joking because there were still plenty of streaks on the outside of the window. I didn't need any face prints either.

Just about when I had to go, Chad pointed out that the tippy top  windows were still dirty. Looking up, I knew that I would have to scale a ladder just to reach the spot. Judging by the wind speed, I came up with the senario of me getting on a ladder and then comically falling off... and then breaking my leg.

To say the least, I have developed a loathing for windows and wind. I also will protest if I have to clean something outside on a windy day like that. And if you dare put your face on ScrewAttack's front windows, I will find you.

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