Square Enix can not “let Final Fantasy XIV end in failure!”

Posted on August 19, 2012 - 9:23am by Ryan Conway

Considering all of the bugs and general misdirection to the point where many say the game as “broken”, “incomplete”, and even “unplayable”, it’s quite easy to see how Final Fantasy XIV became the long-running RPG franchise’s least popular and least successful entry to date.

Square Enix has spent the last two years developing a massive reboot entitled Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, (which has been worked on by a mostly different team than that of the original game) is the company’s way of rectifying the mistakes made in the past.

Producer Naoki Yoshida not only hopes this reboot will be a success but he says it absolutely has to be a success.

"In the 25-year history of the Final Fantasy series, there hasn't been a Final Fantasy that has failed. We can't – we just can't – let this game end in failure." 

Yoshida would also say A Realm Reborn is not only an attempt to make the game more appealing, it’s a chance to restore the fans faith in the franchise. If Square fails to restore that faith, Yoshida believes it could have disastrous results on the franchise, including Final Fantasy XV never becoming a reality.

"At the original launch, we let down a lot of our fans. Fans around the world were expecting something great, and we feel like we let them down and we lost their trust. To regain that trust we have to show them we're still behind the project, and that Square Enix is dedicated to making something that's great. It's kind of a crazy idea, but we've got to do it."

A beta for this massive reboot is expected to launch sometime between October and December so perhaps then we’ll get a better idea of whether or not this will be the MMO’s saving grace. Hopefully, it will be.

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