Square Enix explains why the price of their mobile games is so high

Posted on October 12, 2012 - 7:01pm by ThatPunkAdam

As mobile gaming grows more increasingly popular, gamers can't help to realize the rather large price tag attached to Square Enix's games. But what is it that makes them so expensive?

In an interview with Kotaku, Square's PR wing sent out a corporate note explaining why the cost of their mobile games range anywhere from $5 to $20...

"Each game is priced individually and evaluated based on the type of game, depth and over experience it provides for players. Some of our higher priced titles offer more than 60 plus hours of game time with rich storylines, high quality graphics and challenging diverse combat... We've reconfigured and optimized them for the mobile platform, releasing them at a lower price then their original console or handheld versions. Square Enix does provide other casual titles in the lower price range, and as the market evolves, we'll take all different price points into consideration on a game-by-game basis."
The company does have a long history of attaching a price point far above what most mobile gamers are used to, with most of those games being mobile counterparts for both console and handheld titles. 
Recently, Square released the mobile version of the hit DS game; The World Ends With You, running a cost of $19.99 for IPad and $17.99 for IPhone. While this may seem like a ridiculous price for some, it's nothing new for Square, as the company has mobile versions of Final Fantasy: Tactics, Final Fantasy III and Chaos Rings priced for $10.
What do you think g1s? Are Square's prices too high? or too low? Let me know in the comments below!

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