Square Enix's Gyrozetter is more than meets the eye

Posted on December 18, 2011 - 10:40pm by Ryan Conway

Super Speed Transforming Gyrozetter, is an entirely new IP which the fine folks over at Square Enix are hoping to make into the next big thing, with its arcade cabinets currently in Japanese arcades and a managa series being distributed throughout the country. An anime feature film and 3DS game are said to be currently in development as well.

So what is  Super Speed Transforming Gyrozetter about? Well it's about these cars that transform into giant robots and fight each other. OK, maybe it's not the most original concept but they do fight each with giant swords. Yeah. Take that Optimus Prime! No giant robot in history ever fought with a giant sword! Well, except for Voltron....and The Mega Zord...and several Gundams.....and pretty much every  giant mech in every  giant mech anime/sentai series ever. *Cough*

But there is a really neat idea here, especially when you consider the fact that the arcade cabinet can transform. Oh yeah! That's right. It transformers! Once the gameplay shifts focus from the driving sim/racing aspect, the car will transform into it's robot form in time for an epic giant robot battle and the cabinet will transform to reveal a set of levers that the player will have to use to control that robot. AWESOME!

This is cool for two reasons. One, it allows the player to be an active part of the transformation sequence and two, the new design of the control panel makes it feel as if the player is actually piloting a giant mech, which is well pretty badass! Especially if the player ever wanted to be a Gundam pilot...or a Power Ranger. *Cough*

Square is also showing  interest in introducing the franchise to European audiences depending on how successful it is in Japan. Although there's no word of a possibility of the franchise making it's way stateside, although I'm guessing that Square wants to test the waters in other markets first, which is definitely a smart move.

The anime, manga, and 3DS game I can see being successful in foreign markets but those arcade machines probably won't be leaving Japan. Unless the series reaches the insane Pokemon level of popularity that the developer is obviously striving  for but I don't see that happening.  

You'll find screenshots from the game, as well as a picture of the actual cabinet in the gallery below. 

Is this new (although not 100% original) franchise one that you g1s can get behind? Or do you see this transformation gimmick as too much of a cliche?

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