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Steam, Origin, and many online games are being hit with DDoS Attacks

1/3/14 4:12pm

Right now Steam is reportedly experiencing a DDoS attack, but their woes are one of many across the online gaming industry. Yesterday, EA’s Origin service found itself in a very similar situation and over the break; services like Battle.NET and the League of Legends servers were taken down. A hacker collective known as DERP is claiming these actions, along with some other rogue agents, all in an attempt to fuck with a single-gamer named Phantomlord.

What you see is his response to the whole situation above. The streamer even found himself in the back of a police car when he was SWATted for the false report of a hostage situation. Now I get that hackers gotta hack, it’s what they do, but why not take on a big fish? Holding a bunch of video games hostage seems petty when you could be taking down some of the worst companies in America.

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