Steam sells games without having keys for them!

Posted on July 26, 2012 - 6:00pm by blackJack


While criticising Valve for "killing games with their low prices" EA trolls Valve by not giving  them the keys for EA games, so Steam offers games they have never paid for.

Update: I am now able to play the game, after four days waiting. -.-

It is unfortunately a temporary solution. The key is "requesting key" for everyone, which means I have no personal one yet and it is now in the hands of EA itself. Secondly I am not able to play online because I have to link my not existing key with my existing EA/Origin account. However, for me it is unacceptable to wait four days after downloading, until I can play a game I bought via internet because the company who sells it did not own the keys.

Steam's summer sale comes to an end and many gamers have obtained some games for very low prices. Everybody is happy and wants to play the new games but wait... What's this?

I wanted to start Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, but instead of launching, an error message comes up: "Failed to contact key servers”. WTF??? Valve sells games from other publishers without having bought them yet? Lots of players are annoyed, asking Steam "what's going on?"

It looks like Valve did not calculate that so many Steam users are going to buy games like Burnout Paradise or NFS: Hot Pursuit. It's funny; the same thing happened during the winter sale seven months ago with other EA games. So why didn't Valve buy more keys for EA games?

That may not be Valve's fault at all. A few days ago EA claimed the mega sale of the steam store is killing games because of large discounts. Is this EA's counterattack?

I do not know why Valve offers content they have not bought yet, but I am really angry about it. How could Valve sell games without having enough keys for them? Does Steam refund the money? Are new keys on their way?

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