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The Stickman's E3 2012 Predictions : Right or Wrong?

6/11/12 5:05pm

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So, E3 is done and dusted, my awards are coming up soon and you can still vote in the Peoples Choice catagory right here. Before the show kicked off, I made a list of 10 Predictions about what would, or wouldn't take place, so let's find out how right I was, shall we?



Nintendo's Presentation will be the highlight of the Show.

What I said.

As has been their way for the past couple of years, Nintendo will be the standout Presentation of E3 2012, mainly due to the full unveiling of the Wii U and its line-up. Nintendo fans will squeal with joy as the Big N reveals a robust online service, the abolishment of friend codes and the ability to choose between download or retail for the majority of Wii U titles that come out. Nintendo have also been hiding something big about the console from us and will reveal this secret during the presentation, what it is I don't know, but it will astound all the same. In terms of games, the focus will be on Third Party offerings rather than Nintendo, who's launch title will be the long awaited Pikmin 3 and possibly New Super Mario Bros Wii-U, confirmations of new 3D Mario and Zelda games will be present, but no footage will be shown. The presentation will wrap-up with a teaser video for Super Smash Bros Wii U, but again, no gameplay will be shown.  Beyond the Wii U the 3DS will also have a modest showing, although mainly already revealed titles such as Animal Crossing and New Super Mario Bros 2 will be shown off. All in all another great showing for Nintendo.


Right or Wrong?

 Off to a bad start here, safe to say that Nintendo's long awaited presentation did not live up to the hype and was, by no means the highlight of the show. They somehow managed to make the unveiling of a brand new Nintendo console boring and forgettable, which should be very worrying for both fans and Nintendo itself. That said, I wasn't all wrong with what I said, the focus was indeed on Third Party titles such as Batman, ZombiU and Lego City Stories, and Nintendo's main First Party showings were Pikmin 3 and New Super Mario Bros Wii U, not only that but they only showed already known of 3DS games, like New Super Mario Bros 2, but not Animal Crossing. I'm going to go ahead and say I was wrong on this anyway, it wasn't the highlight by any means.


Microsoft will finally do a well balanced Presentation.

What I said.

The past couple of E3's haven't been so great for Microsoft who have underwhelmed us with samey presentations which start out with Call of Duty before descending into Social Media and Kinect bullshit, then finishing up with a new Halo game. This year will be all change though, proceedings will be kicked off with the first footage of Halo 4's campaign followed by a look at Resident Evil 6 and Tomb Raider in action as well. Kinect will be present but there will now be a balance between hardcore and casual. The only major game reveal of the  Presentation will be Splinter Cell 6 which will again be a 360 exclusive and will, you guessed it, feature Kinect functionality. All in all whilst Microsoft will provide a more enjoyable Conference it will also be a relatively suprise free one...barring...well, I'll get into that later.


Right or Wrong?

Now, most of you are probably calling this a Wrong just by reading the headline, but this is actually and quite comfortably a Right. First things first, proceedings were indeed kicked off with the first footage of Halo 4, and this was indeed followed by first looks at Resident Evil 6 and Tomb Raider. The only major gaming reveal was Splinter Cell 6, now known as Blacklist and it did feature Kinect functionality. Desite peoples protests against the show the balance between normal games and Kinect games was a lot better this year, we didn't spend the last hour watching kids playing Disneyland, sure we had to sit through some crap but it wasn't nearly as bad as the years before. But yes, it was a relatively surprise free one. I was right, deal with it. Mark one up for the Stickmeister!


Valve will stay true to their word and Half Life 3 will be a no show.

What I said.

Valve and Gabe Newell have been on the record to say that Half Life 3, or any new Valve game will not be in attendance at this E3, and despite not particularly trusting their word as truth these days, I'm going to go ahead and say that they are in this particularly instance, being truthful. Yes, as much as it pains me to say it, we will not be seeing anything from Gordon Freeman at this year's E3. Although it would seem obvivous of them to announce it at one of the presentations, you'd first have to consider this, which one? Although Valve mainly make PC games, Microsofts presentations are aimed entirely at 360 owners, Sony is a possibility but an odd choice for a game reveal, again seeing as they are mainly a PC developer and as for EA a company of which they've partnered with before, their relationship isn't what you'd call strong these days thanks to the Origin Vs Steam fight going on. So no, no Half LIfe at E3 2012, we must wait with great pain for another year.


Right or Wrong?

Another score for me! Valve did indeed give Half Life 3, or any new Valve game the pass at E3, instead briefly showing up on GameTrailers Live for a demo of the improved CounterStrike game and nothing more or less. Not really much else to say on this one...I was right, 100%! IT HURTS BUT I WAS RIGHT. YES!


Grand Theft Auto V will not be in attendance.

What I said.

Following a recent tradition to give E3 a miss, Rockstar will not be showing anything from GTAV at this E3. I know last year I predicted that it would be revealed at Nintendo's conference and be announced for Wii-U but that did not come to fruition. I now instead believe that Rockstar will be making their own announcements seperate from any major event like they have been doing for the last couple of years with L.A Noire, Max Payne 3 and, yes, Grand Theft Auto V which was revealed to much fan-fare via their website earlier this year. That's not to say Nintendo won't do what I thought they'd do last year and announce it as a Wii U title, it just won't be shown to any degree beyond a logo. This is both an educated assumption and a strong wish to see all those annoying cunts who posted " FUCK THIS WHERE'S GTAV" comments on every single Max Payne 3 video Rockstar uploaded. Yeeess...yyeeess SUFFER! MWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHH!


Right or Wrong?

Right again! Rockstar didn't so much as make an appearance throughout any of E3, never mind the grand reveal of GTAV that everyone has been so sorely anticipating. Yes, it seems Take Two and Rockstar are allergic to E3 as none of their big games have shown up in any context for the past two-three years. Nintendo once again failed to announce it for Wii U but that was just a "If it's going to happen at all, it'll be..." rather than a prediction. I still believe it will land on the Wii U, it's just looking less and less likely, huh?


Resident Evil 6 will be revealed to have some kind of 360 Exclusive.

What I said.

Like previously stated, I believe Resident Evil 6 will be one of the games showcased at the Microsoft Presentation this year, but I'm going to further predict that at the end of the demo they will announce some kind of exclusive deal with Capcom in regard to the game. What it will be for sure I can't say, but I'd predict some kind of exclusive mission featuring a fan favourite character, possibly HUNK, that will only be available on the Xbox 360, at least for a certain period of time. I don't really have any strong evidence to back this up, but Resident Evil 5 was mainly displayed as a 360 game and was mainly advertised this way as well, and that was before the days of timed DLC and platform exclusive "NYEH NYEH NEYNYEEEH NYEEH" content. There's no real way in which people win with exclusive content or DLC, but regardless they're here to stay and I bet this will be another game where such content it used.


Right or Wrong?

To the unattentive observer of E3 you may be considering this as a Wrong, but it is actually a Right. Although it was announced to little fanfare, Resident Evil 6 will indeed be getting DLC exclusive, or at least temporarily exclusive to Xbox 360. What it is I don't know, how much it'll cost I cannot say, but what I can say is that I was RIGHT, RIGHT, WOOHOOOO!


Sony will disappoint on the Vita front.

What I said.

Let's face it, the Vita hasn't been doing so hot since it's launch regardless of country. Whilst it has a lot of tech and goodies under the hood, it just lacks the AAA titles that people really want to see. E3 2012 is the time where Sony should show us, the consumer that there's reasons to own the PSP successor, but sadly, they will fail to do so. Whilst it will indeed be in attendance, only previously announced or teased games will be showcased with very little in the way of new things revealed to be in the works. It's not that I have a death wish for the Vita, it's just been terribly underwhelming sales wise and a lot of companies have cancelled or moved announced Vita titles to other platforms, if there are any big Vita games revealed at E3, you can guarantee they will be made by Sony or a company owned by Sony, most likely another God of War spin-off.


Right or Wrong?

Chalk another win up for me! I'm on a roll! Although the Vita was seemingly more in the spotlight than the 3DS at this year's E3, Sony failed to reveal any AAA titles for it that are going to make people fork out the dough. All that was talked about really were ports of upcoming PS3 games which will sport pick up and carry on connectivity with the Vita versions...so long as you own both of course! Spin-Offs were the other focus, with a Call of Duty spin-off being shown only in logo-form (Bearing in mind that the DS has been getting spin-off titles for years without any fanfare I wouldn't hold much hope for this)  and a Assassin's Creed 3 spin-off showing the most promise but still not enough to make people open up their wallets and buy Sony's troubled handheld. I hate to be right sometimes, I really do.


A new Metroid 3DS title will be revealed.

What I said.

Call this wishful thinking if you will, but it's been a long time since we saw a new Metroid game hit a handheld, the last being Prime Hunters on the DS 6 years ago, with the last new 2D title being over a decade ago (Or 8 years if we're counting Zero Mission). With Metroid yet to grace the 3DS in any form other than AR cards and Ambassador Titles, Nintendo will put the nervous fans at ease by revealing a new 2D Metroid game to be heading to the 3DS in early 2013. Well, when I say 2D I mean a game in the style of the originals, the actual game will have 2.5D graphics, obviously viewable in 3D. This game will be a direct sequel to Metroid Fusion and will once again make Samus silent minus scrolling text ala Fusion. The game won't be playable but will be shown in the form of a trailer alongside New Super Mario Bros 2, and very possibly Majora's Mask 3D, although I'm not sure enough of that to fully back that prediction.


Right or Wrong?

Completly and utterly wrong on this one. Metroid wasn't even mentioned by Nintendo for any platform, nevermind the 3DS sidescrolling game we're all dying to see announced. Nintendo didn't seem to be interested in taking about any of their major franchises apart from Mario, not even Zelda got a look-in, despite Nintendo having spent all of last year celebrating how amazing it was and releasing tons of games. To be honest, I wasn't expecting a new Zelda game...but to not have any big franchises returning (I don't count Pikmin as a big franchise for Nintendo, not that I have anything against it) in any form is a bit suspect and very much disappointing.


Dead Space 3 announced, will be disappointing.

What I said.

By the amount of leaks we've already had for it, Dead Space 3 is pretty much a given at E3 this year, and sure enough it will be shown off for the first time at EA's Presentation (With a teaser trailer maybe shown off during GTTV's annual PrE3 show) but, what's this? It will be disappointing? It hurts me to predict this but I believe this will indeed be the case. Whilst the game will look the part, now using EA's Frostbite engine there will be a clear focus on action rather than horror, with the prefect balance in Dead Space 2 being shattered in the third installment. An emphasis on Co-Op will also be confirmed to our collective dismay and whilst there will be potential, the inital E3 reveal will be a let-down and a worry to fans of the series and horror games in general.


Right or Wrong?

Right on all accounts sadly. Dead Space 3 was indeed revealed at EA's presentation and, as much as it pains me to confirm my chilling prediction, yes, it was a disappointment. The game did indeed look very pretty, the focus was clearly on action not horror and the co-op is clearly the emphasis of the game. It remains to be seen if Dead Space 3 will actually turn out to be any good but E3 definetely did not fill me with confidence for the future of this beloved franchise of mine.


Silent Hill Games will be absent from Konami's Presentation this year.

What I said.

After last year's trio of Silent Hill game showcases, including 2 all new announcements in the form of HD Collection and Book of Memories, the Silent Hill franchise will be strangely absent in this years Konami Presentation beyond a potential reveal for the upcoming and suspicously underpromoted movie. After a double blow of disappointment both financially and critically for its HD Collection and Downpour releases this year, as well as the constant delays for consistantly loathed Book of Memories it would come as no surprise to see that Konami focus more on their Sports games, as well as the stupidly titled and personally underwhelming Metal Gear Revengence at this years E3. Book of Memories may be playable on the show floor but I doubt very much anything else in the way of Silent Hill gaming goodness will be revealed or discussed. I'm not saying the franchise is dead, it's just not having a good year so far.


Right or Wrong?

Startlingly enough, I was right with this, Konami did give Silent Hill the shaft at E3 this year, although Book of Memories was shown in trailer form during the course of the week, I've been sent confirmation by people who bothered to watch it that Konami's PrE3 Show was absent of anything Silent Hill related, including the film. The presentation indeed focused on Sports games and Metal Gear Revengence, with the addition of Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 and its 3DS Spin-Off which I had not predicted at the time. I'm not sure whether I'm disappointed by the lack of Silent Hill or not, it's pretty easy to say that the franchise has seen better days, but is it really time for it to be put out to stud? Give it back to Climax, let them remake Silent Hill 2 like they did 1 and then no, it wouldn't be time to put it out to stud. Get on that Konami, you fucking retarded shit for brains asshat of a company.


Either Sony or Microsoft (Or Both) will tease their Next Gen consoles for E3 2013.

What I said.

With Nintendo all set to blow us away with the highly anticipated reveal of the Wii U, you'd be expecting either Microsoft, Sony or both companies to be keen to steal some of the spotlight with a conference ending tease for their next console. And I am predicting that one or both of them will indeed be announcing the development of their next home console at E3 this year. How much detail will they go into? I'd expect nothing more than a name/codename as of now, although we known all 3 companies are in a constant state of new console development, I'd be very surprised if either Sony or Microsoft had so much as a prototype shell to show off to the press. No, instead I believe they will try to steal some of Nintendo's thunder by offically announcing that a Xbox 720 and/or PS4 is on its way and will be shown fully at next years E3. Whether or not this tease will be enough to steal Nintendo's glory is another thing altogether, but expect something along these lines to happen on Day 1 of the Show.


Right or Wrong?


So, let's tally up the scores, hmm? Let's see here, I got 3 wrong which means that I got a super sexy 7/10 this year, beating my personal record which...I can no longer remember due to the ScrewAttack deleting all my blogs. OH WELL! 7/10, that's pretty damn awesome, huh? Did better than you chumps, hmm? HMM!? Yeah, I thought so!

 My E3 Awards are on their way, but I'll be posting something a bit less up-beat in the coming days, but I feel it's something I need to get out there, voice my opinion and try to get some shit sorted out. Until then...


Later gators!

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