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Super Mario Bros. Z has been cancelled

3/30/12 8:00am

The day after Edd Gould's death, Alvin Earthworm posted a journal in deviantART that he won't continue his series, Super Mario Bros. Z, because of a few reasons. For one, he has a s***y job. He washes dishes at his work and he really lacks motivation working on recent episodes. Second, animation is time consuming. It takes awhile to make an episode and fans are becoming impatient.

Even though I'm sad and I wished for Alvin to have a good life and draw more furry art. That is until he released a preview of an episode that he was working on. Check it out here! At the end of the preivew, there was a question mark next to "The End". Does that mean it's the end or is he having second thoughts?

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