Syrian rebels take aim at Assad’s army with a knock-off Playstation controller

Posted on December 11, 2012 - 3:02pm by Sean Hinz


Anyone who can figure out why I chose this header gets a cookie. Think "fruit".

What looks like a DIY rusty box is actually the Syrian rebellion’s first tank! Named the Sham II, this is the brain child of designer Mahmud Abud. It is basically a diesel motor, mounted in a light-weight steel box, and has a mounted 7.62 mm machine gun. It will sustain blasts from up to a 23 mm cannon fire, but it cannot repel an RPG. So how is this related to gaming? Well take a look at the controls.

Yup, that’s a knock off PSone controller being used to activate the machine gun. So while the flat panel being used for the driver sports a wheel and multiple cameras, the gunner is using a d-pad and X button to combat the opposition. The way the gunner interacts with his equipment may not be all that different from playing the latest Call of Duty. That is both awesome and scary, your pick.

Excluding the machine gun, the Sham II costs around $10,000 to develop; making it a fairly affordable tank. And yes there was a predecessor (Sham I), which did a poor job of shielding the crew. So when do you think Abud might post this on

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