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Team Ico’s producer leaves Sony to enjoy the summer

8/27/12 4:19pm

 “This August, I left Sony Computer Entertainment," stated a tweet from SCE Japan’s Kenji Kaido. The producer was most well known for his work on the Team Ico classics Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, but no one is sure of whether or not he was on The Last Guardian or what he has really been up to since 2005.

He hasn’t revealed any plans thus far, opting to enjoy what’s left of the summer. He does however have some idea of what will come next, based on a tweet to our favorite Japanese game designer Sakurai. "I'm also excited about whatever I'm going to be doing next".

Based on all the other trouble Team Ico has had with The Last Guardian, Kaido’s departure furthers the bleak expectations I have for the title. How about you g1s?

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