There's no "I" in "Team"

Posted on April 29, 2012 - 4:20pm by Fandango


Be a member of the team, not a ranking on the leaderboard.

Passion unattended is a flame that burns to its own destruction.
~ Lucas Scott


There's no "I" in "team"
You step on to the basketball court, surrounded by your teammates. The cheer of the crowd echoes all around you. Your heart is racing in anticipation. The game is on. For that small time of the day, you are a part of something bigger. Together, you and your team tackle a great beast. Working together, you display a beautiful set of motions, that string together a play worthy of the hall of fame.
Teamwork can be a beautiful something, can't it? That sensation you get from being a part of a whole, making sure that you do more than your best. To go out there and to do that which you love. To know that, whatever happens, the others have your back. That is the reason why Multiplayer is so exiting for many of us. 
Sure, you can have the biggest score on the board. You can be the one to have more Kills to his record than Deaths. For a short moment, you completely annihilate your enemies and blaze ahead of everyone. You stand alone at the top. But, then what? When you look back, do you see a career you can proudly claim as your own? Maybe ...
Games like Modern Warfare, don't exactly focus on the concept of teamwork. It tries to force people to do so, in modes where you need to capture certain spots in the game. But, in the end, that's only a pipe dream. All people want, is to get the points from capturing that spot, teamwork be damned.
Everyone knows about Counter-Strike. At one point or another, a great percent of gamers have sat down and have played a match in this more than excellent game. Objectives in this game were designed for the specific purpose of creating teamwork. As Counter Terrorists, you needed to work together to try and find the best route as possible. And to get rid of the Terrorists that might be lurking ahead. 
As Terrorists, you needed to communicate in order to put up the best defense as possible. You needed to guard spots or go for the bomb, and you needed to watch each other's back. 
There was a form of silent communication going on in this game. If a situation was starting to play out, you knew where you might be needed and you headed over there. That was Counter Strike, and it was an immense amount of fun.
What's the difference between these two games? Leaderboards. The problem with Leaderboards, is that they promote people to steal each other's kills, go off on their own or even disable their own teammates in order to get ahead on the rankings.
Getting people to work as a team, happened extremely rarely in Modern Warfare. Only times when people came together, was to push back a group of enemies that had clustered up. After that, everyone dispersed and went their own way. 
Just remember: there is no "I" in "team". Work together with those in the same game, and make sure you got their back. And what you learn from in the game, take that to the outside world as well. Friends and family are your team, so are the colleagues at work. Have their backs, and they will have yours. Work as a team, and tackle that great beast.

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