Things I DON'T Want to see at E3.

Posted on June 1, 2012 - 4:13pm by Digmbot


 The horror of bad marketing departments.....

 E3 is upon us. The media frenzy is beginning. Everyone loves lists about what they want to see at this year's conference. While I love E3, some of the most memorable things from past conferences have been the things that I can never un-see. Those moments that burned themselves into my  mind like a gutted  Xenomorph's blood. Here are the things I hope never to see again. NEVER. Are you listening to me Ubisoft?

Ahhh.....Mr. Caffeine from Ubisoft's  2011 conference. Please die. And take whoever hired you with you.

In 2007, Activision decided to hire "celebrity" Jamie Kennedy for their conference. Just look at him. Doesn't seem like such a smart move now, does it Activision? How much did you guys let him smoke?

I love Miyamoto. But please. Never again. I'm begging  you Nintendo.

Moving on.

Ahhhh...this thing. Poised to compete with the  DS. Except for selling less than 25,000 units. And that whole bankruptcy thing.  And executive involvement inorganized crime. Good job guys.

I don't know if this is the WORST idea Nintendo has ever had or not. The Virtual Boy was pretty awful...

Meet Milo. Milo was a demo for Project Natal in 2009. Milo is also a demo for what souless demon children will look like in the coming apocalypse.

And now, a few honorable mentions:

Sony announces the price of the PS3.

Peter Moore plays Rock Band. And fails. Utterly.

Midway hires the actual digitized Jax and Liu Kang actors for some real life martial arts at the unveil of Mortal Kombat 3. Who thought this would end well?

No more booth babes.


What do you think readers? Are there iconic E3 fails that you remember?


Digmbot out.

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