The third American McGee Alice game might just be made

Posted on May 24, 2013 - 5:57pm by Bryan Mangan

Fans of American McGee, you have been summoned.  Spicy Games has announced that they’re more than willing to make another game in their twisted, gothic Alice game series following the second game, Alice: Madness Returns.

Titled Alice: Otherlands, the game’s core concept is that Alice uses “her mastery over the physical and psychological world to enter into the minds of others;” the titular “otherlands.”  Spicy Games has hinted at exploring the minds of different historical figures of Alice's time, such as Richard Wagner, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Mark Twain.

So it’s kind of like Psychonauts, except it’s probably not going to have people sneezing their brains out.

There are some hurdles Spicy Games needs to overcome before they can start development though.  In addition to having to negotiate the Alice license with EA, their planned Kickstarter campaign needs to succeed.

If, for some reason, they can’t get the funds or license for Otherlands, they may instead work on another game they have conceptualized, OZombie (not to be confused with Osombie, the movie about a zombie Osama Bin Laden).  OZombie has a premise much easier to convey in just a few words: “Oz + Steampunk + Zombies = Fun."

The decision on which game will ultimately be made will be decided in July.  Until then, you can catch up with Alice: Otherlands on its Facebook page.

*Courtesy of a press release

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